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Photography Tips from World Traveler Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt is what you might call a professional traveler, as well as being a photographer. He spends most of his time away from his home base and has been to over 175 countries, all seven continents, all the states in the USA, every Canadian province, and over 300 Unesco World Heritage Sites.

He lives a dream life many people may envy.



But let's see what you can learn from Gary that you can apply in your own life and photography, regardless of whether or not you travel.

I met Gary a few years ago at a conference in Las Vegas where I was giving one of the lectures. He attended my talk and we connected afterward, we even met up in my own home city of Edmonton when he was my area. Listen and watch as we talk about photography and life, and see what you can learn.

(Apologies for the jumpy video quality, thanks Google Hangouts!)



Gary's three photography tips:

  1. Spend less money on gear and more on travel. Gain experiences, that will make you a better photographer.
  2. Have goals and make a plan. This applies to travel, and photography. Know where you want to go, and takes steps to get there.
  3. Make your work public. When you start sharing your work and putting it out there you force yourself to cull diligently, and put out images you're proud of. So it forces you to get better. You'll also get feedback on them you don't get in your own bubble.
Listen to Gary talk about this shot and what it took to get there.


Links to articles mentioned in the interview:

Learn how Gary used a filter and long exposure here to get rid of people walking through the scene in his image.


Learn how Gary used an extremely high ISO to get this shot, which would have otherwise been impossible.


Where you can find Gary online:



I hope you can take away something from our talk that you can use to help you with your photography. Tell me in the comments below, do you agree with the tips? Have you tried them yourself? Please share your thoughts. If you have any questions for Gary please ask and I'll try and make sure he sees them.


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  • Nice tips and some really beautiful travel photos. Thanks for sharing it with us Gary and Darlene. 🙂

  • walwit

    I liked what Gary says in the video that he sold a property and went to travel for a long period of time. I have two little properties and have the idea of selling both to buy a bigger one. Now I’m considering selling one and going to travel as long as I can.

  • Simeon Goranov

    The photo of the woman at the base of the waterfall in Dominica: I agree with Gary that you “have to be ready” for a shot like this but I wonder – having missed countless of similar photo opportunities – what it measn to be “ready”.

    • To be ready in my mind means:

      1 – lens cap OFF (I can’t tell you how many of my students and tour participants constantly put their cap back on – mine if off from the moment I walk out shooting, until it goes into my bag for the night, and then sometimes not)

      2 – camera turned ON – again same thing. Most cameras have a sleep mode that you can awaken it by pressing the shutter button half way down. That takes less time than turning it on from fully off as it has to reboot just like a computer.

      3 – KNOW your camera and how to change the settings fast. Meaning being able to have the camera up to your eye and you can still change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

      • Simeon Goranov

        Thanks Darlene,
        While I normally shoot in manual mode in controlled situations, I have started to leave my camera in full auto when idle to improve my chances if unexpected opportunities occur.

  • KP Karunakaran

    My picture of the Taj was early morning as well late last year – people had already started to appear but not a huge crowd.The other picture is through a doorway. Quite a challenge when people start queuing up at 5:30 am … KP

  • KP Karunakaran

    Another view through smog and fog early morning of the Taj from across the dry river…

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