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Weekend Photography Workshop Drumheller Alberta

Darlene helping a student at the photography workshop in drumheller alberta
This workshop runs each spring and fall, in rural Alberta, Canada.

A unique geographic area rich in history and unusual scenery. In this full weekend photography workshop, you will have a chance to work in a small group, which means the topics are custom tailored to fit your photography needs. Darlene consults with each student individually to make sure that any areas you are having difficulty with will be covered. You also get individual help on location during photo shoots to make sure you come away with your best shots.

Some special surprises include a night photo shoot at a ghost town, sunrise and sunset photo opportunities, and a model shoot in an old mine.

Price: $1097 (price in CAD)

Wine & Photography Workshop – Okanagan valley, Penticton BC, Canada

a vineyard with grapevines and Okanagan lake in the background during the photography workshop
This photography workshop pairs well with the one above.

We've scheduled this workshop to follow our Drumheller workshop by about a week, allowing anyone who wanted to explore parts of western Canada an easy way to plan their vacation around back to back photography workshops.

This photography workshop vacation allows you to improve your photography skills in the gorgeous British Columbia Okanagan Valley wine region.

Photography instruction by day, food and wine by night.

With private one-on-one access to one of Canada’s finest photography instructors, you will improve your camera skills by having ample opportunity to practice over a wide variety of settings.

You'll improve your confidence in every aspect of photography and gain peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss a single great photo opportunity during this exclusive workshop.

You will come away with results that will impress even your toughest critic: yourself

  • Wine & Photography workshop
  • When: Sept 30 – October 5, 2018
  • Max Workshop Size: 8 people
  • Remaining Spots: 7
  • Learn more: Wine & Photography workshop

Price: $2497 

We've allowed time between our Drumheller workshop and this one to allow travelers a way to plan a vacation that might include exploring two provinces of western Canada.

Starting with the dinosaur-rich history in Drumheller, the visitor might plan a route that allows him or her to explore Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Jasper and the Canadian rockies before continuing into British Columbia.

Then get to wine country a little early to settle in.

Your vacation would then peak with 5 days relaxing and photographing Canada's premier wine country, the Okanagan valley wine region.

And finally, continue on to Vancouver or Seattle to finish.

You're welcome to join any workshop individually of course. If you do decide to combine them to form a package, we'll discount your purchase by $150

Night Photography Workshop, Edmonton, Alberta

a historic gas station is lit with light for a night photographyShooting at night presents a number of challenges, but offers great rewards.

Our Night Photography Workshops takes place over two full nights of photography and three afternoons of instruction in techniques and image processing.

Price: $TBD 

Our night photography workshops happen in the spring and fall each year.

Photography Tours

Check out our tours page for all our current photo tours.

Photo Tours currently offered for India, Myanmar, Morocco, Cuba and Nicaragua, with an African wildlife safari photo vacation and a tour of Peru being planned.

Workshops and Tours – What's the Difference?

We feel it important to define what is meant by a workshop and how it is different from a tour as there is a lot of conflicting information out there. So let’s take a look at the characteristics of each so you can select the ones that are right for you, with the best organizer and leader for your needs.

How Do We Define Photography Workshops?

Workshops are generally a few days long (3-7 is common), and are held in one central location. The main focus of a photography workshop is for you to learn something, often on a particular topic of theme such as Street Photography, Camera Settings for Beginners, or Using Lightroom to Make Your Images Pop.

They often involve some or all of the following:

  • Aimed at amateur photographers who are beginner to intermediate (or advanced) in their skillset.
  • Some classroom or lesson time.
  • Possible practice exercises for you to do on site.
  • Different shooting locations (usually nearby, less than an hour drive).
  • Image review time so you can get feedback.
  • Processing demonstrations and tips.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • One or more photography instructors (NO tour guides).
  • Some may also include one on one time with the instructor.
  • Usually a small group with sizes ranging from 5-10 people (do your research, you will get more individual help in a smaller group but you will also pay more for such events). We limit our workshops to 8 participants when there is one instructor and 12 if there is two. Some specialized workshops may be less (5-6 max).
  • Accommodation may or may not be included. (We include it with our workshops).
  • Meals may or may not be included. (We include most meals with ours).