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Yes, you can learn to take better photos! It's my passion to help you learn photography and take better pictures.

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My vision is to help you be a little more creative, expand your horizons, and maybe even push your boundaries a little.

I strive to provide a safe place to learn about photography and yourself as well as a chance to try new things and meet new people along the way.


Beginner Photography

Photography Challenges

Hidden Treasures – Photography ChallengeGo on a treasure hunt for this month's photography challenge. Rummage around in your garage or basement looking for hidden treasures to find at least three objects that you can photograph. Then get creative! Read More
Holiday Tips – Photography ChallengeIt's time for some holiday tips and a new photography challenge about, yup you guessed it - making some super creative holiday photos. Time to celebrate and have some fun! You can even try out any new bits of gear you happen to get under the tree! Read More

Intermediate Photography