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Photoshop Tutorials

Watch this video tutorial on how to use adjustment layers and smart objects in Photoshop to do nondestructive editing, so you can safely process your photos without having to worry about making a mistake or messing it up.

Have you got shots from crowded tourist locations that have been ruined because of too many people in them? Watch this Photoshop tutorial on how to magically remove them.

This step by step is a video tutorial on how to do some neat text effects with in Photoshop. Learn how you can make your image appear inside the words, and save it so you can change the image any time quickly and easily.

Learn how to use Photoshop to turn your photography into art in this article by guest author Bev Holoboff.

With Photoshop you can improve your photos in so many unique ways. If you need a simple adjustment, like exposure, you can do that. Or if you want to do something more advanced, like retouching skin and eyes, you can do that too. Pretty versatile, don't you think? The main issue is that Photoshop can ... [Read more]

In this article by guest author Serge Ramelli learn how to create a fake long exposure look to your waterfall or other images using Photoshop. He walks you through step by step with screenshots or you can also watch the video. Some great tips you can apply to other things too.

This video tutorial takes you through all the sliders in the basic panel in LR's Develop module. Learn which to use first, last, and how not to overdo it and go too far. Learn tips and tricks to make your images pop.

In these two video tutorials, I use Photoshop to show what layer masking is, what it can do and how to use it. My examples explain how to use masks to blend two photos together, add blur to part of an image, how to apply a photo filter, and how to make part of your photo black and white with selective colouring. Knowing how to use masking in Photoshop is an essential skill to have in your post processing workflow.

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