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Night Photography

Lots of great night photography tutorials covering things such as camera settings for low light photography, how to focus in the dark and best techniques.

night photography fire spinning
night photography tutorials

Guides for night photography including:

  • How to Photograph Stars
  • How to Create Star Trails
  • How to Photograph the Milky Way
  • Light Painting Tutorials
  • Fire Spinning

There’s so much to low light photography that while we go over some basics in our photography workshop in Drumheller, AB each spring and fall. However, now by popular demand, we’re developing a dedicated Night Photography Workshop to be held in Western as well as Eastern Canada.

If you like night photography or just playing with different sorts of long exposures, you'll want to check out this video tutorial from Jason D. Page. Jason shows us how to use two different light painting techniques to create some very interesting photos using light tools. Watch the video "How to Light Paint a Flower."

With the advancement of digital cameras, photographing the Milky Way is within reach of most photographers. In this guide, we take a look at what is required to get the best night time shots of this incredible night sky feature. There is a lot more planning involved than you might think.

Blue hour is a magical time of day when the sky is a rich deep color and your photos come alive! Here 5 tips to help you create better blue hour photos so you can wow your friends and family with your images.

How to photograph the northern lights

Heading out to photograph the northern lights may test your patience, but when you finally do see them, the tips and advice in this guide to shooting the aurora borealis will have you coming home with some amazing photos of the night sky.

With 7 solar flares in the past 7 days and if you're in the right location, the information in this article couldn't be more timely.

Read this to get some tips and learn about some really neat tools you can use for using light painting in your photography. Light Painting Brushes help make light painting easier and more fun. Check it out.

If you've ever wanted to try shooting star trails you'll want to read this and follow along. I even give you 94 images to try processing if you haven't shot any yourself. I'll walk you through step-by-step how to shoot it, how to process and stack them for a final stunning image.

Would you believe this image of a classic Cuban car was lit with a cellphone? Read this night photography article for a quick tip on how to add light to your subject at night. See the before and after images, and the complete step by step sequence of how we did it.

Photographing light trails at night is a fun way to make some stunning images. This how to guide shows you exactly how to do this from what equipment you need, finding a good location, timing the shots and even a bonus advanced tip on how to combine multiple images for even greater effect.

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