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Flash Photography Tutorial

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Our Portrait Fundamentals was designed for anyone wanting to improve their portrait lighting skills.

Working with Flash - How to Use Bounce Flash for Better Photos. If you have to use your regular flash on-camera but want to take better photos of people, this tutorial will help you understand why and how to bounce your flash to get better, more pleasing results.

In this article wedding photographer and my co-instructor for the new course "Portrait Lighting on Location" shows you how to create a dramatic night portrait using off-camera flash, balanced with the ambient or natural light.

If you've struggled with using flash, gotten results you are less than pleased with, or just aren't sure when to use it and how, this article will be very helpful! I will cover: how and when to use off camera flash for outdoor portraits; quality of light; why off camera and more. Included are sample portraits, lighting diagrams, and exposure information as well as equipment suggestions. Don't miss this epic article on this much requested topic!

Step by step article on how to adjust your camera settings to balance and control both the natural light and flash exposure. Includes sample photos, a lighting diagram, before and after and a special bonus FREE PDF download FLASH CHEAT SHEET to help you understand settings for flash photography.

off camera flash tutorial for portrait lightingtechniques

Article by guest author Ron Clifford on taking the mystery out of using off camera flash and show you that with a simply one light set up you can achieve dramatic results without buying a lot of expensive equipment. I'll interject and give you a few other alternatives if you want to try this at ... [Read more]

How to use flash is something I get asked about a lot. I do cover it in some detail in my live workshop on Available Light and on my Photo Travel Tours, but if you can't make it out to one of those here's some links on some great how to tips, especially for Canon ... [Read more]

A review of "Making Light An Introduction to Off-Camera Flash" by Piet Van den Eynde, published through Craft & Vision. A beginners guide to improving your flash photography using off camera flash. What photography equipment to buy (and why), how to set it up and some examples of the resulting images created with this technique. Target market reader is the beginner photographer who wants to learn more about flash photography technique.

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