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10 Photography Challenges

Think you need the latest gear or a new camera to take better pictures? Think again.

What if taking better pictures was as simple as learning to think outside the box and to challenge yourself to photograph differently? Well, it may just be that simple.

  • Designed to push you through your sticking points
  • Help you discover ways to look at everything differently
  • Expand upon your creativity, learn to take more interesting photos

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I have learned more from your site than any I've gone to.

Your explanations are simple and easy to understand and I enjoy the sense of humor you inject into the site. You make learning photography fun and not at all overwhelming! I continue to share your website with friends and family who are into photography.

Sandra B.

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To Inspire and Challenge You

In creating this book my desire is to give you some ideas to inspire you, challenge you, and most of all get you up and out of the house to photograph something, anything! I also hope that you find some of the exercises thought provoking and challenging to the point that you are entirely outside of your comfort zone.

Some of these ideas I've shared in my classes and workshops, and some have come from, or evolved with, some of my students. This book is a work in progress and I as come up with more ideas I will add to it.

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What's in the book?

  • Shooting Challenges
  • Non shooting challenges
  • Tips for Success


There is no better fast track to learning something new than to practice doing it wherever and whenever you can.

This book of challenges is an idea that came from my experience working with photography students of all ages and experience levels. The one thing I keep saying to them over and over again, but yet most having trouble doing, is to get out there and do some actual photography!

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You were fun and down to earth

First of all… you had my full attention by just the first few sentences you spoke. you were fun and down to earth. “say something random about your a tattoo!” everyone likes to laugh! Making sure everyone's questions were answered by writing them down was brilliant! It showed us that you were there to make sure we got the most out of this class and not just what you are told to teach. I learned that radial tool for Lightroom and it wasn't even a Lightroom class. I am actually blown away by your knowledge and experience. I hope one day I am as confident as you. And when I said you can tell how much you really enjoy photography and teaching… you can. It's just the way you come across and your willingness to teach us anything we can think of during our time with you that shows that. You are very approachable and easy to talk to. I haven't been able to sit at lunch with a teacher and talk yet. It's usually quite silent.

Melanie L ... Classroom Student


We can interact here through the commenting system. I can get a better idea of how you've used the challenges and together we may come up with more.

So, first use the green form above using your name and email address.

Then practice the exercises.

Then, let's discuss them here. Please leave any comments or feedback you have for me on the book below. I also want to hear your experience with the challenges you've tried, or if you're having trouble with any of them. Lastly please share the images you create while doing the challenges and anything else you'd like to share with me and other readers.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your images.

Current & Previous Challenges

Photography Challenge – Shoot a Familiar Location with New Eyes - In this month's photography challenge, I'm going to send you out to go shoot familiar location and the challenge part is getting creative and learning to see it with new eyes. Don't worry, I'll give you some tips to help you do this.
Photography Challenge – Tell a Story - This month I'm giving you a new photography challenge, to tell a story with your image. Pick a song or poem you like, and create an image that tells that story. This is about working on the aesthetic aspects of photography and less on the technical stuff.

See all past photo challenges here.

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