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Street Photography

Street photography can be a difficult genre to master. It often contradicts many of the ‘rules’ and techniques that you may have learned in other areas of photography.

street photography shot of men sitting at a tableBecause of these challenges it’s easy to make mistakes and can be hard to progress without a little helping hand.

Here in this section, you will find advice from experts in this area of photography. These guides will help inspire and educate you. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes as well as how to set up your equipment and how you can get over your confidence issues to take better photographs on the street.

  • How to avoid street photography mistakes
  • Images from photo walks with tips to apply them to your own photography
  • How to optimize your camera for street photography
  • Tips on how to tell stories through your images
  • How to combat your nervous when starting to shoot on the street
  • Know the best equipment for street photography
  • Post processing tips and tricks
  • Understanding the “Decisive Moment” and how to use it in your photography
  • Knowing when you need to use a model release form

Street photography is all about speed and capturing the fleeting moments to tell stories.

These articles are full of tips and advice that you can use to start practicing right away. Take your time to read through the articles and learn how photographers capture meaning and story in their images.

Remember, the best way to tackle street photography is to get out and practice! Are ready to hit the streets and start capturing the story of the the places you visit and the people you need? Then take a read of my top articles below to get started.

Are you making any of these street photography mistakes? Read about the 8 biggest mistakes newbies make and how you can avoid them for better photography on the street. They apply to travel photography as well.

See some of my images from a recent NYC photo walk and how you can apply these tips to your own city photos to capture the heart of the city wherever you are.

In this next James Maher gives you six steps for tackling street photography - actually getting out and doing it, and doing it well. If you struggle to get meaning and a story in your images, give these tips a try.

Capturing a fleeting moment and being ready are super important for street photography. If you want to up your game, read these tips rom James Maher, NYC photographer, on how to set up your camera so you don't miss a shot doing street photography.

6 Street Photography Tips to get you started including: be patient, look for light and shadows, photograph some people, get involved, keep shooting after sunset. Click through to the full article to see some stunning images of Cuba and read the whole story!

Valerie Jardin talks about street photography. Here's a short list of a few of the things you will learn about in this interview:

- how to take storytelling images
- how to get started photographing people if you're nervous about it
- the best lens for street photography
- keeping the photography passion alive
- post processing and black and white
- how to get over that "grass is greener" feeling, and get out shooting in your own area
- what is the "Decisive Moment" and how to use it in your photography
- photographing people on the street: is it okay, what to look for, approach
- when do you need a model release for people photography, what are the rules

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