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Macro Photography

Tutorials and guides for aspiring photographers wanting to learn more about Macro photography.
ultimate guide to macro photography We’ve got a nice selection of macro photography tutorials on this page, but we recommend you starting with our…

Ultimate Guide to Macro Photography.

It covers everything from macro photography equipment, camera settings, how to get a sharp shot, macro photography ideas and so much more.

Otherwise, as new macro photography tips and tutorials are published, they’ll end up here, in the list below.

In this third macro photography tips article Darlene goes over using extension tubes as another option. What are they, how to use them, how close can you get, pros and cons, purchasing considerations, and lots of sample images included to help make it all clear and easy to understand.

The Small World of Macro Photography - a selection of closeup images of tiny subjects, to make you look closer. This is to give you some ideas of what to go photography and try out macro photography.

Using a Macro Lens: Pros and cons of a dedicated macro lens, what to buy, when to buy, and other less expensive options are all explored in this article.

Learn everything you need to get started doing macro photography with this in-depth guide. Equipment, lighting, focus, camera settings, and more are all covered with example images and behind the scenes shots showing setups.

using your 50mm lens as a macro

Tips and tricks on how to use your little 50mm lens as a macro and all you need will cost less than $20. Equipment needed, techniques and challenges and how to over come them are all included in this article as well as several example images.

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