Portrait Photography Fundamentals

Portrait Fundamentals

Portrait photography made easy in 30 days
– practical lessons to do in your spare time

“This course is a home run! This is the best course on the web! Thanks.” – Bobby Oates

Making great photographs of people, especially your loved ones, can be really hard to do. The camera settings, lighting decisions, posing techniques, and everything in between, make for a ton of things to consider when you're trying to simply create a great photograph.

In this portrait photography course, you'll learn how to take professional looking portraits in 30 days no matter your skill level or the type of gear you have.

Enjoying the art of portrait photography requires a learning experience that fits your style. By starting with the fundamentals, practicing what you've learned, and having a professional photographer guide you through the steps at your own pace, you'll complete this course with confidence as you begin to create powerful portraits.

FACT: This course has over 500 alumni!

Phil Steele - Photography Educator“I am a photography educator myself and I think Portrait Fundamentals is one of the best photography courses I've ever seen. A course like this is by far the best investment you can make in better photos.” – Phil Steele

This portrait photography course will help you become more consistent and confident as you photograph people in all kinds of conditions and locations. Whether you're looking to make sense of natural lighting techniques or flash equipment, the instructors leave nothing to chance, walking you through every aspect of making portraits.

Take more professional looking portraits in 30 days!

This portrait photography course covers everything you need to know, from camera basics to using a multi-flash setup. In the photography course, you'll learn how to:

  • Adjust your camera settings to produce the best results in natural light.
  • Manipulate natural light to achieve stunning photographs in any setting.
  • Use on- and off-camera flashes for both indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • Select the equipment you actually need (so you can save money).

portrait photography course model example image

Quick tips and cheap tricks just don't cut it.
You want to learn from a pro.

Sometimes learning this craft can be hard. You're tired of searching the Internet looking for the right answers. You want hands-on, step-by-step instruction by industry professionals… that's exactly what this course gives you.

Andrew Morrison testimonial headshot“I would like to pass on my sincere compliments in appreciation of your fantastic course. I found it remarkable in its clarification of what are sometimes confusing concepts of photography; your logical and detailed explanations were a treat.
It covered everything I needed to know and more.”
– Andrew Morrison

Topics covered in this portrait photography course

Here's a snapshot of the topics you will learn about:

course instructor teaches camera settings

  • Leveraging the relationship between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.
  • Making sense of reflective and incident metering.
  • Reading and using a histogram successfully.
  • Using exposure compensation to get the lighting just right.
  • Knowing how and where to focus (and which mode to use) to get sharp images.

portrait photography Equipment tips are covered in this course

  • Learn about the essential pieces of gear you will need, and which pieces you can ignore.
  • Reflectors and speedlights
  • Light meters and remote triggers.
  • Gray cards for exposure and white balance.
  • Light stands and tripods.
  • Umbrellas and softboxes.

Master Portrait Lighting

  • Explore how to control light so that your portrait subjects look utterly dazzling.
  • Demystify terms like: lighting ratio, lighting pattern, and facial view and how to use them to create powerful portraits.
  • Tips for posing and working with people – feel more confident and flatter your subject every time.

working with natural light and flash

  • Discover how to control light, no matter the conditions.
  • Custom White Balance using a gray card.
  • Knowing the difference between hard and soft light.
  • Using shadows to your advantage for more dramatic portraits.

Advanced flash techniques

  • Discover how to use one or more speedlights, and how to expose for both ambient light and flash in your portraits.
  • How to understand and use the Inverse Square law to your advantage.
  • Learn to use flash exposure compensation.
  • Understand sync-speed and how it affects your flash photos.

Outdoor lighting tips

  • You'll be ready to shoot in any lighting situation at both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Indoor location tips using natural light, reflectors, and flash.
  • Learn to shoot outdoors with natural light and flash.
  • Master shooting at Golden Hour including how to make sunset and silhouette portraits.

Your Instructors

Darlene Hildebrandt

natural light instructor Darlene HildebrandtYour Natural Light Portrait instructor, Darlene Hildebrandt, has been doing portrait photography for over 30 years and has photographed over 250 weddings. She helps people like you demystify portrait lighting and feel like a real pro. In 2011 she started teaching photography and her passion was reignited by helping others just like yourself. Now she has taught hundreds of students to take baby steps and learn about better portrait lighting and can’t wait to help you do it too.
off camera flash portrait instructor Bruce ClarkeBruce Clarke
Your Off Camera Flash Portrait instructor Bruce Clarke has been a professional photographer using on- and off-camera flash for over 14 years. Bruce is known for being able to capture that special moment by freezing it in time with his flash.

Robert-Forrister-350px-bw“Your approach to the subject is laid back and very enjoyable on a personal level. You act is if you are right here in my home teaching and directing.”
– Robert Forrester

Course Overview

Portrait Fundamentals is a portrait photography course that will give you the resources you need to develop your craft and will guide you through exactly how to consistently light and photograph people. Here's what you will get:

Learn Portrait Photography Fundamentals

  • 25 professionally produced, hands-on streaming video tutorials which are edited to maximize the instructional value.
  • An in-depth, 250-page PDF guidebook that details every step of how to work with natural and artificial light.
  • Fun quizzes and exercises to practice what you've learned.
  • Printable cheat sheets and diagrams for your camera bag so you have the field notes you need to help you use what you've learned.
  • Dedicated help email address so you can reach out to the instructors anytime.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Steve-Tucker-350x350-circle2“This is a great photography course, the videos, explanations and notes are excellent and the exercises are very helpful. I am using the knowledge/skills I learned from the course constantly. I feel like I am finally starting to understand lighting.”
– Steve Tucker

We're currently not taking students for this course. In the mean time, please leave your email address to receive my new PDF guide “How to Find Good Light for Portraits at Midday”, at no charge to you.

You'll also be automatically enrolled in an eight week email mini-course which will provide even more portrait photography tips. When we start taking registrations for Portrait Fundamentals, you'll be notified.

High Value

This portrait photography course is a fusion of two in-classroom weekend classes with a total cost over $500 – Portrait Fundamentals is a bargain at only $197.

Hiring a photography tutor for 6.5 hours of one-on-one lessons could cost over $750. Get maximum value with Portrait Fundamentals for only $197.


Who are these guys to teach this thing anyway?

Darlene and Bruce have a combined total of over 35 years of experience as professional portrait photographers, and 6 teaching it. They are teachers who understand your needs and questions because they instruct in live classrooms as well.

How long can I access the videos?

You have lifetime unlimited access to the course – watch it as many times as you want, and get any updates free of charge.

Can I download the videos?

You can watch the video lessons on any device including laptop, smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately they are not available for download.

Can I read the notes and watch the videos on an iPad or smartphone?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons on any device including laptop, smartphone or tablet. The lesson notes is a PDF which can be read on any device (you will need to download to your computer first, and then copy to your devices).

What if I have a technical issue like I can't log in or forgot my password, etc.?

There is a dedicated technical help email address – get help when you're stuck.

What if I have a question about the material in one of the lessons?

There is a dedicated lighting help email address – get help when you're stuck.

Can I buy it for a friend?

Yes for sure! Just contact us and we'll send you instructions.

I just got my camera can I do this course?

If you are unfamiliar with all the settings and buttons on your camera and what they do, you may find this course a bit too advanced. However, if you want to see for yourself – we have a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. You can also buy it and watch it any time, including months later.

I'm a working portrait photographer, what if I find it too basic?

That will depend on your experience level and skills. If you already shoot in manual mode on your camera and flash, understand terms like incident metering and Inverse Square Law, are comfortable working with people posing and lighting them, and are happy with the results from every portrait shoot that you do – then this course will likely be too basic for you.
However – if you want to approach it as a refresher, to get some new tips and ideas – then we highly suggest you give it a go. If you buy it and aren't happy – we'll send you a refund, no questions asked.

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