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Photography Equipment

All the gear no idea? My policy is before spending a penny on the ‘latest and greatest’ photography equipment, you need to know how to get the best out of the camera and accessories you already have.

Here in this section, I have put together instructional articles to help you learn things such as how to choose the best digital camera, flash equipment, or equipment for portrait photography, etc and most importantly how to use them!

Make sure you get the best out of your photography equipment with our guides including:
photography equipment display showing some camera lenses

In this Photography Equipment section, you will find everything you need to know before investing in a new camera.

Can’t decide between mirrorless and full frame? Or maybe you aren’t sure the best flash to invest in for portrait photography.

My extensive guides and tutorials will help demystify your equipment, while reviews can be found in their own section.

Ready to start learning? Take a read of the latest articles below to get started.

Learn the 5 biggest mistakes made by beginners using a wide angle lens. Learn how to avoid them so you can take more interesting photos. Darlene provides lots of example images to show good, better, best and how to use a wide angle lens effectively.

Knowing when, and how far to upgrade is a frequently asked question. Darlene helps you answer this question by giving you seven other questions to ask yourself and think about first, then you get to decide! Read on if you're on the fence about upgrading.

How to Use a Gray Card for Custom White Balance and Metering - In this article I walk you through what situations you can use a gray card for doing a custom white balance and metering, as well as using one to help with color corrections in post-production after the shoot.

In this third macro photography tips article Darlene goes over using extension tubes as another option. What are they, how to use them, how close can you get, pros and cons, purchasing considerations, and lots of sample images included to help make it all clear and easy to understand.

Using a Macro Lens: Pros and cons of a dedicated macro lens, what to buy, when to buy, and other less expensive options are all explored in this article.

Learn everything you need to get started doing macro photography with this in-depth guide. Equipment, lighting, focus, camera settings, and more are all covered with example images and behind the scenes shots showing setups.

polarizer filter example on sand dunes jay patel

In this quick tip about circular polarizing filters, my good friend and Landscape photographer Jay Patel shares what he learned about using it on his wide angle lens. By making some simple assumptions, and not fully understanding how the filter worked, it cost him dearly on a trip to photograph the sand dunes in Death Valley California.

TWiP All about the gear hosts Frederick Van Johnson and Doug Kaye do a review of all the new stuff that came out in 2014, predictions for 2015, and some of their thoughts on all of it.

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