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Night Photography

Lots of great night photography tutorials covering things such as camera settings for low light photography, how to focus in the dark and best techniques.

night photography fire spinning
night photography tutorials

Guides for night photography including:

  • How to Photograph Stars
  • How to Create Star Trails
  • How to Photograph the Milky Way
  • Light Painting Tutorials
  • Fire Spinning

There’s so much to low light photography that while we go over some basics in our photography workshop in Drumheller, AB each spring and fall. However, now by popular demand, we’re developing a dedicated Night Photography Workshop to be held in Western as well as Eastern Canada.

How to photograph star trails and the Milky Way - tips for equipment needed, camera settings, and set up so that you can go try this yourself.

There is a special occurrence happening next week starting late on the evening (or night) on April 14th or early in the morning on the 15th (depending on your location. It is a lunar eclipse! This is where the earth comes in between the sun and the moon casting our shadow on the moon temporarily ... [Read more]

A guest article by Jesse Summers on astral night photography. Tips for finding a good spot, minimal gear you need to do the job and how to set up your camera to get the best exposures. Follow his tips and you can do some great night photography!

Tips for stunning night photography images from photographer Jesse Summers from "Into the Night". In this short 30 minute interview, Jesse shares way to find locations with no noise pollution, how to find the Milky Way, the formula for exposure times that insure clear crisp photos plus a whole lot more.

Learn how to do some really fun night photography special effects using sparklers, glow sticks, and flashlights. See how to make orbs (balls of light), and how to spin fire (steel wool). Darlene breaks it down in easy steps, and camera settings included so you can try these yourself.

Guest author Gabriel Biderman gives some great tips on what equipment you need, some good starting points for exposure, and what to photograph at night for some stunning images.

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