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Interviews – Photographers Sharing Their Skills

Interviews with other photographers, sharing their top tips and skills for aspiring camera buffs.

Watch, listen and learn from world traveler, photographer, Gary Arndt as we talk about life, travel and of course photography! Find out what his top 3 tips to take better photos are and how you can apply them.

Going pro or not, that is the question: a discussion between amateur photographer John Davenport and Darlene to discuss the pros and cons and help you decide if it's for you or not.

Fat tony and co, one of Gina's favorite photos

Gina is an amazing photographer from down under who I have the pleasure of working with over on dPS. Read about how she got started and some of her favorite items as well as see her stunning images. When you read her advice on how to become a better photographer, I think you'll see a common thread. Click through to read the whole interview with Gina.

I asked a recent photo tour participant Jana Allingham why she went on the trip and what she got out of it. She shares her thoughts on learning more about photography, her experiences with the people of Nicaragua and her images with us. Interestingly enough, in her interview she states how important picking up your camera every day is to moving your craft forward. This was the subject of a recent photography challenge here on Digital Photo Mentor and Jana certainly saw the value of it on the tour.

hot air balloons over Turkey

Backpacker and outdoor photographer Sean Bagshaw shares his images and thoughts on success, failure and biggest influence on his craft. He as well agrees that a key to becoming a better photographer right now is to "Get out and photograph a lot and have fun!" Seems to be a common theme.

Don Komarechka is a nature, macro and landscape photographer probably best known for his macro photography of snowflakes and iconic Canadian flag image composed of maple leafs laid out on snow. Don answers some questions including what influenced his photography, his biggest failure and his greatest success.

In this installment of the photographer interview series we're talking with Scott Wyden. Scott Wyden is a photographer, blogger, author and educator from New Jersey, USA. He has over 10 years experience photographing portraits, landscapes and businesses. slow down and stop thinking like digital photography doesn't cost you anything. Force yourself touse a tripod all ... [Read more]

Renee Robyn is a fire breathing locksmith, former model turned photographer and Incredibly talented digital artist. I've worked with Robyn personally as she modeled for me during a shoot at a train museum and has become a good friend. She takes a few minutes to share with us her successes, failures and inspirations as well as a tip on how to improve your photography right now. Have a look at her stunning work.

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