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Image Processing Demonstration With Lightroom and Luminar

In this video, watch as I process five different images submitted by members of our Digital Photo Mentor Facebook group and community. This is a brand new idea and if it goes over well and you all find this helpful we'll do this again on a regular basis.

Thanks to the following people for the use of their images: Sarah K, Sue P, Fran Y, Dan W, Peter S.

Let's get right into it. I'm using mostly Lightroom to process the images, with a hop over to Luminar for one. But you can do the same kinds of edits using whatever software you prefer. The sliders or names of things might be a little different but take the concepts and techniques and apply them to your workflow.

Watch the image processing demonstration

Before and after images

I hope you found that helpful and interesting. Now, let's look at the before and after images so you can see the final results.

#1 – Mountain scene in JPG format

Because I was starting with a JPG on this one, the detail isn't a good in the bright areas of the sky as it would be from a raw file. But look at how much detail can be pulled out even from a JPG. I cropped the final image just a tiny bit on the left side to come into the tree reflection.

mountain scene original image - Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar
This original unedited image was taken by Sarah K.
Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar - mountain scene after
After processing.

#2 – Sunbeams JPG image

Here is another JPG but I wanted to show how to bring out the beams of sunlight coming through the clouds.

sunlight over ocean waves - Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar
Image by Sue P. Original JPG before processing.
image after processing - Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar
After processing.

Image #3 – Underwater sea turtle

This image of a sea turtle is fantastic! But because it was shot underwater it is really flat and lacks contrast. So that was my main objective for processing this image. That and to really feature the turtle and make him stand out more. The original image is an ORF file which is the raw formet from an Olympus camera.

Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar - sea turtle underwater photo
Before image – taken by Dan W.
Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar
After processing.

Image #4 – Landscape RAW file

Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar - landscape with rock and a lake
This original raw image was taken by Fran Y.
Image Processing Demonstration Using Lightroom and Luminar
Version #1 processing done in Lightroom only.
Here are the same edits applied to the original JPG format image. Notice the difference? It's pretty obvious that RAW files can take a lot more edits than JPGs before they are “over-processed”.
Final version after a little jump to Luminar for some special effects and local adjustments. See how the tree and rocky outcrop really stand out now?

Image #5 – Floral conversion to black and white

For this final image, I did a black and white conversion. I love flowers in b/w and knew this one would translate well because of its nice contrast and tones.

Original unedited raw file by Peter S.
Black and white conversion. I only started removing the spots of stuff on the leaves with the cloning tool in the video and finished doing the job after the webinar ended.
Warm-black added using Split-toning. I also rotated the image slightly and cropped it to put the flower a bit off center.

I hope you found that helpful. Everyone sees things differently and has different ideas. You may process the same images completely different than I did, and neither of us is wrong. It's all about your vision for your own images and what message you want to convey to the viewer.

These are just tips to help you get started and give you ideas if you feel stuck. Sometimes seeing through another person's eyes or perspective can help give you a creative boost. That was my intention with this demonstration. You get to take it from here!

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