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Using Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

In this video tutorial I will show you some of my most used Lightroom keyboard shortcuts, in particular for the Library and Develop modules. If you're not a shortcut fan, I urge you to have a watch of this and see how quickly I move around without using my mouse much, or at all. It can really speed up your workflow to keep your hands off the mouse. I also highly recommend getting a Wacom tablet if you're doing any photo editing or retouching (saves the wrist and is way more accurate).

Enjoy the video, and then grab the PDF list of shortcuts I use right below.

Bonus free download

If you've read this far and are still with me, here's a little bonus for you.  I've created a PDF of  keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom I mention in the video.  I work with a Wacom tablet and keyboard and don't use my mouse all that much when working in Lightroom so it saves me a lot of time. I recommend you learn as many keyboard shortcuts as possible, especially the ones you use all the time.  If I've missed one of your favorites, please tell me in the comments below.

Download LR keyboard shortcuts here

This is a short list, keep in mind there are many others!  If you want a more all encompassing list of keyboard shortcuts you can find that on the Adobe website.

I have have a few other helpful articles and videos on using Lightroom here:

lightroom alternative for photo editing softwareNEW: Adobe has announced changes to their licensing model for their products.

Lightroom Alternative: I've reviewed what I believe to be one of the best lightroom alternatives currently available. I encourage you to check it out before making ANY decisions about your photo editing software choices.

Read: Lightroom Alternative - Is Luminar the Answer?

If you haven't made the leap and purchased Lightroom yet, you can do that here, or get the upgrade to Lightroom 5. Look for specials, it's frequently on sale. Lightroom is the only Adobe Photoshop program that you can still buy on its own without having to buy into the Cloud monthly subscription.

More info on Wacom tablets – or purchase one here. Keep in mind you do NOT need the largest one. I use an Intuos 4 medium.



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lightroom alternative photo editing software

  • Molly Drummond

    great direct instructions on using shortcuts; thank you!

  • Diane Harrish

    Just got LR two days ago and have been searching around for help, how did you know I needed this???
    Thanks so much, Darlene.

  • Diane Harrish

    Darlene can you tell me how to move the pictures I process to dropbox, after I have worked on them?? I do events for a local newspaper and now I can touch them up a bit, but can not for the life of me figure out where and how to move them.

    • Diane – I’m not sure I know what you’re asking. Have you exported them out of LR? You need to do that first as I don’t believe there is a plugin that will do that and automate it for you. YOu need to learn about exporting from LR if you haven’t done that yet. It’s like “save as” so you can save in any format, sized, scaled however you need. I have several export presets depending on what size output I need.

      • Diane Harrish

        Thanks for the reply Darlene, since I posted this I played with the export and have it figured out. I just love this compared to my PSE12, it is so much quicker and I will use the PSE12 for more complicated things like layers. Pretty easy to use, with the help of your shortcuts, and ordered the Wacom.

  • Jeff Skott

    Great stuff, Darlene. I use LR5 a ton and there were several shortcuts I had not learned yet. Thanks for the great video, your cat and the wonderful shortcuts PDF. Cheers!

  • Thanks Darlene. I’m using LR5 one-month trial and yes I will probably buy it outright vs paying monthly. Even at the beginner level of use (where I find myself), the amount of control is fantastic. Not just the production, but also the file organization when I import from my camera.

    I searched your site to see if you had anything to say about stylus tablets because my wrist and shoulder hurt when I have to sit for an hour and make adjustments to my images! That search led to this page!

    I have a question, and perhaps you have this info on your site already. When I’m done developing and go to export, I’m setting my images to 680px wide for my blog at 72 dpi resolution, and 70-80% quality. My images are averaging 150kb. We have spoken about this on Fizzle, but wondering how I can, or if I should still aim for a smaller file size.


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