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Correct Your Images in Under 2 Minutes Using Lightroom 5

A quick walk through on how I do basic processing of my images in Lightroom. I usually don't spend more than a minute or two on most of my images by using the basic sliders and some LR presets.

Image corrections in Lightroom

In this video I walk you through correcting for two common issues – lens corrections and too much contrast. I hope you pick up a few good tips from this Lightroom 5 tutorial – enjoy!

Read more Lightroom tips and other digital workflow ideas, or my video with tips on using Lightroom presets.

lightroom alternative for photo editing softwareNEW: Adobe has announced changes to their licensing model for their products.

Lightroom Alternative: I've reviewed what I believe to be one of the best lightroom alternatives currently available. I encourage you to check it out before making ANY decisions about your photo editing software choices.

Read: Lightroom Alternative - Is Luminar the Answer?


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lightroom alternative photo editing software

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  • I give – you’ve convinced me to learn how to use Lightroom. I’ve been using Bridge and Photoshop because they are familiar and comfortable, but it’s time to break out and learn something new.

  • shrutes

    Thank you Darlene! This was a fantastic tutorial.

  • C. Mallon

    Excellent Tutorial! Thank you!!

  • steven li

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was really good and educational.

  • Alexandru Constantin

    There were a few (ok, I admit it, more than a few) things in LR that I did not know, before watching this video. Now there are less 🙂 Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Phil Wormald

    Hi Darlene, thank you, an informative and practical video, some new tools and techniques to try over the weekend. Do you ever straighten verticals to improve images such as buildings?

  • Phil Wormald

    Using your tips on “Alt + Sliders” I did some work on this image to hide the detail in the shadows and ouch the saturation. Time to watch more of your videos……

  • Satwant Jassal

    Did not receive any free “10 Photography Challenges to Help You Take Better Pictures”……

    • It was sent to the email you registered with about a minute after you confirmed.

  • This has been a monumental intruction lesson! After following this article, I also found Andrew Gibsons article on lightroom graduated filter tool. I combined the 2 lessons and went through some already taken photos and reprocessed them with the 2 lessons and I am astounded at the results. Lightroom has been the biggest challenge for myself and you made it seem so simple. My understanding of the manual settings on the camera have helped in using minimal settings too for processing. I now changed my motto saying “less is more” because thats the reality of it now. The leveling and lens profile are awesome. I have the 6D so I level off my camera before a shot, however sometimes the composition of the horizon is askew as nature is unpredictable. Leveling is a goto feature as well as lens profile as my vignetting disappears . I still have alot to take in and learn (still working on the radial filter thing) but thats why I’m here. Thank you so much for your dedication!

    • Awesome, glad to hear it! I know Andrew as well he’s one of my writers on dPS and he’s very good also. He has some Lightroom books you might want to pick up too.

      • I figured out the radial filter. My issue the whole time was not scrolling to the bottom of the selections and clicking “invert mask”. I feel silly now! I will check into Andrews collection for lightroom.

  • Becky

    Darlene, you truly do make things easy to understand and you always seem to include every little step along the way which is soooo helpful. I wish you were my neighbor!

  • Awesome! Thanks for another awesome tutorial!

  • Patrick Gabriel

    This was amazing I have not yet played in LR I can’t wait to try these techniques. How do these techniques work on jpg’s

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