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Getting more WOW in your Photographs Webinar Replay

Yup that's me going “WOW!”

Recently I held my first ever webinar and the response to it was overwhelming to say the least! Here are some of the statistics from the August 28th session:

  • 322 people registered
  • 118 people attended on August 28th (maximum allowed into a webinar at any time is 100 so we had people trying to get in who got turned away)
  • I stayed on the line and answered every single question in the Q&A at the end of the first webinar and we finished up at just over 2 hours (128 minutes), with an extra hour of Q&A, or as one participant called it “Pick my Brain”
  • people attended from all over the world in all sorts of time zones: Australia, Prague, Scotland, Czech Republic, Bermuda, Great Britain, New Zealand, Greece, India, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, and all across the US and Canada!
  • 59 filled in the survey and of those 55 or 93% would recommend this webinar to a friend
  • the overall rating for value received was 4.68 out of a scale of one to five (five being the best)

Here's a little teaser on the content, so hopefully you'll watch all the way to the end including the whole Q&A session.

Three main factors to Getting More “WOW” into your photography

I cover these three main topics in the first hour of the webinar, using examples and practice exercises so you can implement what you learn.

  • Watch the background
  • Simplify
  • Differentiate

How to go from this:


To this!

ISO 100, f/11, 2.5 sec
ISO 100, f/11, 2.5 sec

Or this . . .


To this!


Some of the questions I answered during the program and at the end in the Q&A session included such topics as:

So without any more delay, here is the video of the webinar. Please enjoy!

Some comments some of the participants had:

I liked the organized manner in which the information was presented. I liked that there was an opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate responses. I also like the examples of applications of the concepts that were presented. – Sheila from Illinois, USA

Darlene explains in easy to understand terms. Love the analogies. – Terri from Australia

Nice folksy free flowing discussion, Darlene answered way more topics than she intended I suspect. Could have been marketed as Pick my brain. Very happy to have spent that time with her. – David from Australia

Darlene is clear and concise, easy to understand. She offers great tips without overwhelming the viewer with too much technical information. She is very encouraging and insightful and uses helpful visual illustrations as examples. The exercises are a great idea to inspire me to get creative again! And the Q&A at the end was very informative. Thank you Darlene! You set my mind at ease and got me excited to go shoot! – Molly from the USA

For your convenience, some links mentioned during the webinar:


Do I have to even say it? Print off the practice exercises and get out there doing some photography!

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If you have suggestions for future topics please add them in the comments section below as well.



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