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Beginner Photography

Beginner photography articles for the new or amateur photographer who’s looking to improve their skills and learn the basics of digital photography.

beginner photography tutorials and guidesLearn camera basics and then practice them with monthly photography challenges designed to get you out the door and practicing what you’re learning.

You’ll begin to get better and better shots each month and move closer to getting those “WOW” moments from your friends and family.

These are a few hand selected beginner photography articles that seem to be popular on this site.

Do you want to take better photos of landmarks? Here are some tips to help you make them more interesting. Whether you travel to famous places, or stick close to home - you can use this tips to improve your photography.

In this article I wanted to share a few things I see in my classes and workshops. Some beginners photography mistakes that might be causing you some grief also. Even if you are more advanced, you may find a tip here to help you improve your photos as well.

What do you do to make sure you're getting the best quality images from your camera? These six tips will help you take cleaner, sharper better composed images suitable for as many uses as possible and leave you a little room for error too.

Patience is a virtue. Applying it to your photography will help you take better photos. These series of images show an example of how waiting for the moment can make or break your photo. See if you agree and share your images.

My husband and I travel a lot. What to take with me in terms of camera gear is always a challenge. I get this question a lot in my travel photography class too. So I thought I'd go over my thought process of how to decide what to take, and what to leave at home. The ... [Read more]

what lens to buy next

If you're considering buying a new lens or upgrading some of your equipment, read this first before you stuff your shopping cart with goodies. I get asked a lot "What lens should I buy?" so here is the answer in long format, along with 4 other commonly asked FAQs about camera gear and upgrading.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is credited with the phrase "Decisive Moment". The alternative is "Spray and Pray" shoot anything and everything. This article discussed pros and cons of both methods and when to use each, along with some tips on how you can use the Decisive Moment to help you take better photos.

Want to take your sunset photos from "blah" to "wow"? Read and follow these 3 tips for creating stunning sunset photos.

Mission Possible - Find Your Lost Creativity with Six Exercises. Some believe that you are either born with creativity or you are not. I disagree and I think that it is in you and you've just lost it. But fear not - I've got 6 exercises or missions for you to do to help you get it back, or at least on the road to finding it. These might be tough and they may be challenging for you, but these will help you move forward with your photography.

A video talking about the various cameras from history, from the very beginning right up to today's digital cameras.

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