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Blue hour photo of Halong Bay Vietnam

Vietnam – Photo Tour

Emerald green rice paddies, colourful floating markets, ancient ruins and glistening pagodas. Yes, Vietnam really does have it all.

Bursting with astonishing natural beauty Vietnam should be at the top of everyone's ‘to photograph list'.

With its dramatic countryside, vibrant cities, delicious street eats, fascinating history, and friendly locals it really is one of the world's most up-and-coming destinations. Vietnam is developing at a staggering rate, so now really is the time to go.

Join us on this 15 day one of a kind tour created to ensure you capture everything Vietnam has to offer.

  • Photo Tour: Vietnam
  • When: March 28-April 11th, 2019
  • Length: 15 days
  • Max Group Size: 12
  • Remaining Spots: 2
  • More information: Photo Tour Vietnam

scotland photo tour castles and distilleries

Scotland – 11 Day Photo Tour

Journey back in time with us to a place of untamed natural beauty, rich with myth, and legend. From the towering medieval castles in the lowlands to the sweeping landscape of the highlands. In Scotland adventure awaits.

On this photo tour of Scotland, we traverse the highlands and lowlands from fairy pools and the infamous Loch Ness to medieval castles and whiskey distilleries Scotland has something for everyone.

Join us on this 11-day tour of Scotland capturing some of Scotlands most iconic landmarks as well as some lesser known, but just as beautiful areas. This tour is every landscape photographers dream.

  • Photo Tour: Scotland
  • When: May 15 – May 25, 2019
  • Length: 15 days
  • Max Size: 12 people
  • Remaining Spots: 7
  • Read more: Read more about this tour

photo tours of india

India Photo Tour

From bustling Delhi, to the Taj Mahal and straight to the heart of North India. Rajasthan, land of Rajputs and Maharajas, an epic photo adventure to fairytale palaces, magnificent forts, and of course the dizzying Pushkar Camel Fair.

Of all of our photo tours, this one seems to be one of the most popular and sells out quickly.

This tour, like none other, visits locations such as the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and many others.

Created by photographers for photographers and includes locations, not on any other tour.

The steps and ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru.

Peru – Photo Tour

Join us on our 16-day photography tour of one of the world's most intriguing and culturally-rich countries, Peru.

In the Land of the Incas, one day you're photographing ancient peoples and spectacular ruins among the towering Andes Mountains. Later, it's tropical birds and rare animals in the Amazon rainforest.

We'll photograph popular wonders, like Machu Picchu, and go on specially-designed excursions to capture many of Peru's hidden gems.

Comfort and safety go hand-in-hand with fun and adventure as we travel and photograph this spectacular country. This tour is for all levels and the small group allows personal access to your tour leader.

You'll return home with cutting-edge photo tips and tricks, new friends, incredible memories, and, of course, hundreds of breathtaking photos.

  • Photo Tour: Peru
  • When: August 31 – Sept 13, 2019
  • Length: 14 Days
  • Max Size: 12 people
  • Remaining Spots: 6
  • More information & Itinerary: Peru Photo Tour

photo tour of morocco

Morocco – Photo Tour

Get lost in the twisting and turning streets of Morocco's medinas. Watch the sunrise above the highest sand dunes of the Sahara, and discover hidden treasures amongst the chaotic streets of Marrakech.

From the cities of Fez, Marrakech, and Casablanca whose streets come alive with the aroma of exotic spices and the sound of Andalusian music. To the silence and tranquility that can only be found high in the Atlas Mountains or deep in the Sahara Desert.

Escape with us on a 14-day adventure and be swept away in the cinematic romance of Morocco. Expect sunrises and sunsets over the Sahara Desert, portrait photo shoots with the Berbers of the desert and traditionally dressed men and women.

  • Photo Tour: Morocco
  • When: April 18 – May 1, 2019
  • Length: 14 days
  • Max Group Size: 10
  • Remaining Spots: SOLD OUT
  • More information & Itinerary: Photo Tour of Morocco

Photo tour of Thailand

Thailand Photo Tour

A warm welcome awaits you in The Land of Smiles. From the peaceful panoramic views high in the mountains to the chaos of the inner city markets, Thailand is a country like no other.

Thailand has become the world's most popular tourist destination because of its laid-back vibes, beautiful landscape, friendly locals and exquisite food.

Over the 13 days, we will take you on a loop of Northern Thailand to explore some of the most historic and culturally rich sites in the world.

From capturing sunrise at to a night time shoot at Chiang Mai's renowned Night Bazaar, we plan everything so you don't have to.

Our local guides have not only found you the best locations but also chosen the best time of day to shoot. Think sunrise at Wat Phra Singh and early morning secret Buddhist rituals.

Come with us to discover Thailand's best-kept secrets, and let us guide you to capture the magic of ancient Thailand.

  • Photo Tour: Thailand
  • When: November 15 – 27th, 2019
  • Length: 13 days
  • Max Size: 12 people
  • Remaining Spots: 12
  • Wait List: Get on the waiting list (Tour info will be released soon)

Cuba photo tour

Cuba – Photo Tour

In this photo travel tour, you will learn the skills and techniques of architecture photography, portraits, low light photography, night photography and more while touring the old world culture of the west half of the island. Cuba is nestled in the Caribbean just north of the Cayman Islands and just a few miles south of Florida, rich with history, rum, cigars, and the dance, lots of dance.

  • Photo Tour: Cuba
  • When: January 2020 date to be announced soon
  • Length: TBD
  • Max Size: 12 people
  • Remaining Spots: 12
  • More information & Itinerary: Cuba Photo Tour

Nicaragua Photography Tour

Nicaragua – Photo Tour

In this photo tour, you will learn the skills and techniques of architecture photography, portraits, low light photography, night photography and more while touring the old world culture of Granada Nicaragua, the history of Leon and the charm of Jiquilillo Beach.

This is also a social tourism tour. We will spend time with the local children and Hotel Con Corazon (The Hotel with Heart), who use 100% of the profits from their hotel to help kids stay in school. Enjoy Nicaragua's oldest city Granada, fine architecture, great food and style and the relaxing comfort of a beach getaway.

  • Photo Tour: Nicaragua
  • When: Dates TBD – no tours possible to Nicaragua currently due to the political situation there.
  • Length: TBD
  • Max Size: 10 people
  • Remaining Spots: 10
  • More information & Itinerary Nicaragua Photo Tour

Tour Leaders

Meet our tour leaders here.

Photography Workshops

Check out our workshops page for all the beginner and intermediate photography workshops we have to offer.

Workshops currently held in Alberta and British Columbia, with Nova Scotia Canada, and Mexico with European workshops being planned.

How Do We Define Photo Tours?

Photo tours are generally a lot longer than workshops (10-15 days or even longer is common), and you move around the country or area where the tour is taking place.

The main goal of our photo tours is for you to have an experience of the place you're visiting, as well as to come home with great photos. You'll see interesting things, and have the opportunity to photograph locations at the best times of the day (early morning and later afternoon).

  • Travel to a new place, sometimes outside your home country.
  • For both amateur and professional photographers (on the same tour).
  • Photo tours move around the country to a variety of different spots, and transportation is arranged for you (plane, train, bus).
  • Specially arranged photo shoots with locals or in unique places you may not be able to access on your own.
  • A tour leader and a local guide to tell you about the country.
  • Usually include a small to medium sized group of 8-16 people (again do your research, not all tours are equal) With our photo tours we limit the group size to a maximum of 10 people with one photography tour leader and 12-14 with two leaders.
  • Most or all of your meals and accommodations are arranged for and included in the price.
  • It is usually a pretty packed itinerary designed to show you the best that location has to offer, in the best light, with a professional photography teacher as your mentor to help you get better photos along the way.
  • May or may not include image reviews (time and space permitting with our tours).
  • NO classroom or lesson time.
  • The leaders on our photo tours are there to answer your questions, give you tips, and help you if you are having difficulty. They have visited the place before and have planned the itinerary to take you to the best spots.

Why Photo Tours?

I believe that when you expand your own context of the world, you can't help but change and grow as a person and as a photographer. To see the world, experience all it has to offer is to truly live to the fullest.

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller

Our photo tours are designed around the best light, the best locations and more time at each location!

We travel or experience the culture… we learn or relax when the light is harshest and shoot when the light is best. We've got custom designed photo tours, for photographers by photographers.

I'm guessing that if you've found this page you agree with me and Helen Keller and are up for a little adventure. I'd love nothing more than if you joined me and we shared that experience together for a while.

Come along, let's explore!

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