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Is Watermarking Photos a Good or Bad Idea?

There's nothing like a good, old fashioned, debate on a controversial subject right? Right!

So I rounded up a few of my Google Plus buddies so we could have a round table discussion about a much talked about subject – watermarking photos.

To Watermark Photo's or Not to Watermark, That is the Question!

watermarking photos

In this chat we hash out some of the following points:

  • why we each either do or do not add watermarks to our photos
  • when IS it a good time to watermark
  • is there a right or wrong way for watermarking photos?
  • will it protect you from image theft?
  • what about digital or electronic watermarking?
  • what are some other ways of protecting your images?
  • what is the best image size to use for posting images online?

Just because you found it on the internet, no… it's NOT ok to take it – Aaron Hockley

Participants in the discussion

What's your take on watermarking photos?

The only way to ensure your content doesn't get stolen off the internet is to keep it off the internet – Aaron Hockley

Tell me what you think on this subject. Do you use watermarks, why or why not?

If you want to learn how to make a professional looking, subtle, watermark on your images – stay tuned for a “how to” article on how to do just that later this week!

Cheers, Darlene


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