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Shoot at 100 Paces – Photography Challenge

Last month you all got really creative on the self-portrait photography challenge. I was blown away by all of your photos and how much thought and work you put into doing it. Well done guys and gals!

I also noticed that some of your stretched your comfort zone by doing something you were slightly uncomfortable with, even just being in front of the camera. Full marks if that was the case for you.

The winner is . . .

The winner of the prize, from a random draw, was Viveka. Congratulations! I do not have your email so please get in touch with us by using the contact form here so we can you send your prize. This is her self-portrait (right) with matching lipstick and rose petal!

I highly recommend going to have a look at all the entries and self-portraits. Read the stories and information that goes along with them. There is a lot of great stuff in there!

Shoot at 100 Paces

Usually, this type of term refers to a different kind of shooting, but for this challenge, you will need to use your camera, and your imagination. This will be a photo walk of sorts. Here are the details:

yellow leaves on a branch - photography challenge
Fall is in the air. Look up at the trees for ideas!
Iron door handles - photography challenge
Get closer and look at details of things.
  1. Find a starting point for your walk. You can start from home or head to a local park or popular street that's bustling with activity.
  2. Take ONE photo from the starting point. You can make it a reference shot if you want just to show the scene.
  3. Then walk 100 paces in any direction. Pick one that may lead you to some interesting subject matter, or not and give yourself an extra challenge. Take at least 3 photos from that spot. This time not just reference shots but get creative. Try to make something interesting from whatever is now in front of you. Find a bug and get close-up for some macro shots. Use a slow shutter speed to pan a cyclist going by or to create some intentional camera movement and blur. Or do a street portrait of a stranger. The idea is to try and make something – out of nothing! This is to stretch your powers of observation and to get you thinking outside the box. You do NOT need to go to an exotic location to make interesting photos.
  4. Repeat 4-6 more times. Do this as many times as you wish. Continue to walk 100 paces, stop and take 3 photos each time you stop. If 100 paces aren't enough to change your scenario, feel free to go 200 if that works better for your location.

For some help read: Make the Ordinary Look Extraordinary – Photography Challenge (that challenge is over but you may get some ideas from the images and tips there. 

white peeling paint - photography challenge
Look for texture! To maximize the effect make sure you have a hard light source (bright sun) and side lighting as you see here.

Read: How to Create Texture in your Photographs

shadows on a brick wall - photography challenge
Try black and white. Look for shadows!

How to participate in this month's challenge:

In order to participate in this challenge and be eligible for this prize you need to:

  1. Upload your favorite image from your 100 paces walk in the comments section below
  2. Tell us how you shot it (what lens and settings).
  3. Tell us about your experience doing this challenge?  Did you find it hard to find something to photograph every 100 steps?
  4. Upload your photo, shooting info, and tell us what you learned by the cut-off date of October 24th, 2018. NOTE: please do NOT save your images as TIF (they will be too big to add in the comments, it must be under 2mb) and please do NOT email your images to me for critique. I cannot give personal critiques by email, leave your images below and I will comment there.

Please note: if you do NOT fulfill all the steps above your entry will not be valid. Just adding the photo will NOT be counted as an entry. I want to hear about it too, please. The point of these challenges is to help you learn something new – tell me about that.

You may post more than one photo, and do this as many times as you like over the month (you can comment as many times as you like, and share as many photos as you want – but it will be counted as one entry per person). The more you practice the better you’ll get at it, like anything – so share away. I also encourage you to share the link to this challenge with a friend, so you can do it together!

Here are some more ideas of what to look for and shoot as you're walking.

flags and a car dealership sign - photography challenge
Can't find anything to shoot? Look up!
coffee sign - photography challenge
This was in the window of a neat little shop. Just be careful photographing in windows, you may get asked or told to stop. If so, respect the shop owner's wishes.
grass in the sun - photography challenge
Get down low! If you can find anything up high, get down on all fours and look closer. This is just ordinary grass!
window sill with graffiti - photography challenge
Try unique angles, wide open apertures. Look for graffiti.

The Prize

This month the winner will have a choice of prizes between:

So get shooting!

Darlene Hildebrandt photographer DPM

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