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Portrait Fundamentals: Lesson 23 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This Q&A session is about an hour long, so it's one of those “grab a beverage and settle in for a bit” sort of videos.

Darlene and Bruce answer a bunch of lighting and photography related questions. They cover things such as:

  • What if you have to shoot outdoors and there is no available shade?
  • Choosing locations and time of day?
  • What if you can't bounce your flash or the walls are colored?
  • How to find focus in a really dark room
  • What's our opinion of diffusion for on-camera flash?
  • What lens should I buy next?
  • Are there other types of photography that the lessons in this course would be appropriate for?
  • What kind of reflector should I use? Gold, silver or white?
  • Does reflector size matter?
  • How to deal with a subject that has glasses?
    • And what about glasses that darken in sunlight?
  • How much should I charge if I'm just starting out doing portrait photography as a part-time business?
  • What are our thoughts around “head swapping” in group portraits?
  • What is your post-processing workflow? What do you do after the shoot?
  • How can I get experience as a portrait photographer or assistant?
  • What is “open shade” and how do you find it?
  • How to pose a group for a portrait
  • Where to focus on a group portrait?
  • Do you always need a reflector and flash when doing outdoor portraits?

Links to lessons or articles mentioned

Darlene mentioned writing an article about what lens to buy next.

Darlene uses Backblaze backup service to backup all her images offsite for only $5 a month.

The photography tours Darlene mentions for vacations as total photography immersion.

Lesson Notes

Read more about this 25 part video course, Portrait Lighting on Location

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