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Creating Moving Wildlife Photography – interview with Martin Bailey

Mother & ChildMartin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer, originally from England though now a Japanese national, based in Tokyo. Fuelled by his passion for travel and nature, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international tour and workshop leader. He's also a pioneering Podcaster with the third longest running photography Podcast.

In this interview with Martin we chat about what he suggests you need to do to get moving, emotional, images of wildlife. Some of the things we talk about are composition, lighting, exposure, and focus. We even get a little personal and talked about his near death experience with a brain tumour and how that's changed his life.

The three main take aways you will get from this interview are as follows. Watch the whole video to view some of Martin's images and how they were taken.

  • Be prepared – ensure you are dressed for the occasion. Don't let bad preparation spoil your chances of getting the shot
  • Be ready – don't wait until the action starts to mess around with your camera settings.
  • Be patient – spend the time necessary to capture something special and pick your moment for maximum impact

Enjoy the interview and scroll down after watching to get links

King Penguin Tender Moment

More of Martin's amazing images

A Young Snow Monkey looks on as an adult shakes snow from its head.
A Young Snow Monkey looks on as an adult shakes snow from its head.
Syncronized Gentoos
Syncronized Gentoos
Pensive Power
Pensive Power
QI = Kyuu Ai, or mating ritual, in Japanese.
QI = Kyuu Ai, or mating ritual, in Japanese.

Connect with Martin Online

Martin - Self Portrait

Martin's Photography Tours

Martin Bailey Wildlife Photography Tours – trips to photograph the snow monkeys in Hokkaido, Japan and Iceland's wonderful landscape and wildlife. Join Martin for a once in a lifetime adventure!

Some of the equipment mentioned in the video

As Martin mentions in the interview he stays with brand name lenses. If that is not an option or affordable for you there are other options for long telephoto lenses and other brands. Sigma is gaining popularity and makes some nice lenses. These are just a few of the ones we talked about. Before buying a lens always read the reviews, and weigh your options.


I hope you're inspired to get out and take some photos in nature, I sure am! Even if you lack the giant lenses needed for wildlife photography, just get out into nature. If you live in the city, go take a drive with no agenda or destination and see where it takes you. See what wondrous things you find and photograph them!

As always, if you have any questions for me or for Martin please put them in the comments below. If you enjoyed this interview and Martin's images please share the article on your favourite social media sites and help spread the word.



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