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Take Better Travel Photos

Man standing on the corner at Winslow Arizona, leaning up against a flat bed ford

Today's digital photography tip is about how to take better travel photos and create a more interesting photograph of your spouse or travel partner at a tourist destination. As we head into winter many of us may be heading for warmer climates and going on vacation so remember to take your camera and incorporate this photography tip when you're away. Your holiday pictures will shine, I guarantee it!

We've all seen holiday photos taken at places like Disney's Magic Kingdom castle where the family and kids are placed in the scene and the photographer has to back up far enough to include the wife, kids and the castle. The result is tiny people with a castle in the background. Lets fix that with this tip.

take better holiday pictures digital photography tips

Holiday Pictures – Standing On The Corner In Winslow Arizona

When you want your holiday pictures to show someone at a special place, get them far away from the actual background so they become the subject. In this example it's at “Standing on the Corner Park” in Winslow AZ.

Then take two photos:

  1. Just the special place on its own
  2. A portrait of your travel partner / family members where the location or scene becomes just the background.

how to take better travel photos photography tips
Get them just a few feet away from you (showing from their waist up only), further from the background, and make sure to focus on the person. Instead of a photo of a great scene that happens to have a little itty bitty ant sized person in it – you get a nice travel photo of the family member showing where they are by using the scene as the background.

Better travel photos focus on the subject, using the location as a back drop. As years go by, your family will appreciate holiday pictures that showcase them instead of the castle.


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