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Review: The Inspired Eye III by David duChemin

This is the third book in the series called The Inspired Eye by photographer and author, David duChemin. Like the first two, duChemin goes through a series of idea and way to feed your creativity, based of course on his own experiences and opinions.

I read a lot of duChemin's writing and do so because I tend to agree with him – that and he's very inspirational. I've personally followed some of the recommendations from the first two Inspired Eye ebooks, as well as from his print book “Within the Frame” and have seen improvements in my own work. Proof you can even teach an old dog (20+ year pro) new tricks! Also, that you must always keep learning and growing as a photography and creative – or risk stagnating and getting stuck in a comfortable rut.

While the author himself is a photographer, this series of ebooks can apply to any creative endeavor. Even if you are a painter, writer, singer, dancer or knitter – this book could be the kick in the butt that you need to take your craft to the next level.

Some of the key concepts cover in this book are:

  • strengthening the imagination
  • creating first drafts (to build a foundation for the final image, created later)
  • doing more work (quantity) will lead you to doing better work (quality)
  • only by risk will we advance our creativity. Risk failure and disapproval to move forward in your craft
  • stop thinking and planning and get on with the DOING!
  • slow down and work more mindfully and deliberately
  • don't forget to play and have freedom from getting it perfect, just play with no agenda
  • don't fight your own process of creation. Just go with it and trust your instincts
  • that it's not talent that will get you ahead in your craft, it's simply doing the work longer and harder than anyone else. So drop the excuses and get at it.
“fear of risk is one of the greatest obstacles to exceptional creativity”

Engaging Style

Not only is David a great photographer, he's a great writer. His style is engaging and his personality shines through in his writing, as well as his images. You are drawn in to read and want to see more. So allow yourself the gift and read this new book The Inspired Eye 3.

“The value lies in your ability to execute those ideas. No, not even; it lies in your ability to execute one idea.”
“Picking the ‘wrong one' [thing to do] and getting it done puts you in motion and is better than doing nothing at all.”

Once again I summarize my review by recommending this book to ANY person involved in photography or any other creative process. If you haven't read the first two in this series, The Inspired Eye III can stand alone, and you won't be lost. Or better yet – buy all three and get the whole series for only $12 (a savings of $3 off the regular price separately).

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