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Paris Street Photography with Valerie Jardin

Street photography is about telling a story with a single shot. It's about photographing people on the street, strangers, people from all walks of life in their natural setting. Street photography can be done in your own neighborhood or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Seriously, we're talking about street photography in Paris here, it doesn't get any cooler than this!

Valerie Jardin talks about street photography

A few of the things you will learn about in this interview:

  • how to take storytelling images
  • how to get started photographing people if you're nervous about it
  • the best lens for street photography
  • overcoming “gear lust”
  • how to start a photo project, ideas for inspiration
  • keeping the photography passion alive
  • to go pro, or not?
  • post processing and black and white
  • how to get over that “grass is greener” feeling, and get out shooting in your own area
  • what is the “Decisive Moment” and how to use it in your photography
  • photographing people on the street: is it okay, what to look for, approach
  • when do you need a model release for people photography, what are the rules

There is always a story to tell, wherever you are

Valerie Jardin tweet this

Valerie Jardin street Photography

Paris street photography two men and a big dog

take the time to observe and anticipate

Valerie Jardin tweet this

Valerie Jardin Photography - Street-10

Style is a combination of your technical ability, your style and your life

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Valerie Jardin Photography - Street-1

Valerie Jardin Photography - Street-6

be confident
have a smile
and talk to people

Valerie Jardin tweet this street photography tip

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin I live and breathe in pixels! Photography is more than a passion, it's an obsession, almost an addiction. When I am not shooting for commercial clients or writing about photography, I spend my time teaching this beautiful craft during photo workshops in France, the US, and Australia! Visit my website, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Find out more about my International Photo Workshops.

Valerie's Photography T-shirts too.


I want to see you get out there and do some street photography and share it with me! Even if you've never done this before, especially if you haven't done it! Get outside your comfort zone, push yourself a little, and see what happens. You might surprise yourself, but you never know until you just do it!


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