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Interview With Jay & Varina Patel – Landscape Photographers Extraordinaire

Jay Patel mountain scenic photo

This week I have the great honour of talking with two landscape photographers whose work I have admired from afar for a while now on Google Plus, and they were gracious enough to join me for a chat about their work. Their nature and landscape photography is highly regarded as some of the best in the business, and they are respected by their peers.

Varina and Jay Patel landscape and wilderness photographers and educators

Varina and Jay Patel are wilderness and nature photographers, prolific writers, and highly-regarded photography instructors. They have collaborated to write a series of eBooks on a wide range of topics pertaining to photography, and their award-winning photographs have been published around the world. Varina and Jay travel frequently – shooting in beautiful and remote locations across the globe.

Icebergs at the beach - Jökulsárlón, Landscape Photography of Iceland by Varina Patel
Find out how this iceberg almost swept Varina out to sea
Jay Patel mountain scenic landscape photo
Jay Patel – find out why he chases the light

Some of the things we talk about in the interview:

  • their backgrounds in photography
  • some of their favourite images and the stories behind them (two really cool stories)
  • where are the best scenes found
  • seeing the light
  • creating mood
  • post processing to match your vision (Jay does one image as an example)
  • pros and cons of formal photography training vs self taught
  • the business of photography
  • how to get started in stock photography
  • how to shoot landscape photos for microstock – some tips
  • UV filters, to use them or not?
  • using other filters
  • how much post processing to do and how important is is for final image
  • taking care in the field saves time post processing
  • their unique method of doing HDR

Enjoy the video and then scroll down to see all the links we mention in the interview and more of their stunning landscape photography.

Links mentioned during the interview with Jay and Varina

Jay-Varina-PatelTheir Websites:

Photo How To eBooks by Jay and Varina
Many of their ebooks are absolutely FREE and are full of their inspirational photography, others are a bargain at only $6. The books cover photography topics such as:

  • masks 101
  • following the light
  • death valley
  • hiking and photographing Hawaii
  • … much more

They also have an entire series on photography workflow for image processing including:

  • Macro
  • Waterfalls
  • Mountains
  • Coastlines

Find out more about their books on their photo how to books page. Download them and enjoy – I did!

By using this discount code dpm-24f34df you can take advantage of a 33% savings on any of the Patel's book or video packages when you spend more than $50.

Connect with Jay Patel and Varina Patel on Google+







Blinded by the Light



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  • Geoff

    I just finished watching your interview with Jay and Varina and enjoyed it very much indeed. Thanks so much for the opportunity which has stirred my motivation to get out there ad learn and do more! Inspirational!

  • Thank you for having the Patel’s on. Great solid info. As an HDR photographer I’m intrigued with the masking & blending method they developed. I imaging that their technique totally eliminates many of the bad byproducts of tonemapping that we deal with daily. Definitely worth further investigation.


    ~Captain Photo

    • Yes I would think so! I’m going to try it myself as well as another technique I picked up on last week during Photoshop week. They’re doing replays of them all this week, if you can catch some I’d recommend it.

      Hey Captain is that you Keith? 😉

  • Good interview. I’ve heard of that blending technique long ago, from people who hate HDR… 🙂 I haven’t had the chance to try it yet though. I do have to disagree a little on filter use. The only filters I have is a nd and polarizing filter. If I need a certain look I would rather apply filters in post. Also with regards to uv filters. Lots of people will buy a great, expensive lens then slap on a cheap uv filter because they heard it will protect their lens. All great, but that cheap filter will degrade their images. If you going to get a uv filter, buy the best you can find.

  • javier mena urioste

    gracias por compartir fotos tan bellas, son una gran alucinación

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