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7 Unpopular Opinions Regarding Photography

I admit that sometimes I disagree with other photographers and photography instructors, and I have no problem doing so. In this video, I'd like to share seven rather unpopular opinions that I hold regarding photography.

Watch it and see if you agree or disagree with any of my points and share your thoughts below.

Here's a quick summary of my unpopular opinions:

  1. Use a UV filter on your lenses.
  2. You do NOT have to shoot Manual to be a real photographer.
  3. It's okay to shoot JPG sometimes or both RAW and JPG.
  4. The best camera is the one with you, which includes your phone.
  5. The age-old Canon/Nikon and Apple/PC debates are pointless. They're all just tools, use what works for you.
  6. Do NOT upgrade to full frame (at least not without doing your homework first)
  7. Do NOT go professional just to shoot more (doesn't happen) and without doing sufficient due diligence.
Shattered UV filter fitted on camera lens on white background
#1 – Use a UV filter on all your lenses so this doesn't happen to the lens. They also keep the lens free of fingerprints and dust. NOTE: If shooting at night you may need to remove it if you are getting reflections of city lights in the filter.

Here are some links to some related topics and articles and things I mentioned in the video:

Manual Mode may not be the best choice for you. I don't use it in every situation and it certainly does NOT mean you're a bad photographer if you don't use this mode.

To see some of the tools and photography gear that I use, head over to my Amazon page here.

Your turn

Okay, I know these are not the only areas of contention in photography. Do you have any opinions or beliefs about photography that are unpopular among your peers? Do you agree or disagree with the seven I've mentioned above?

It's your turn to speak up and join the discussion. Tell me in the comments area below where you stand on these and other debatable issues.

Also, come and join over 600 of your fellow DPM readers in our new Facebook group. It's a great way to share images and give and receive feedback. I make sure everyone plays nicely over there, so it's a safe and happy place. I promise.


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