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32 Images That Exemplify Keeping it Simple

As we are about to wrap up the current monthly photo challenge – simplify – I thought it might be inspirational, and keep you on track with this way of shooting to see some great examples.

The following images all have the same thing in common, they are clean and simple. There is no hidden message, and they aren't confusing or complicated. Let's have a look at SIMPLE:

Images that exemplify keeping it simple

As you look through the images below see if you notice a common thread among them? How many are black and white? Are they a lot of long exposures? Do you see more shot with a long lens or a wide one? How about depth of field, is it shallow or deep?

(Between The Parenthesis) by Nathaniel Merz on

Shining in the morning light by Hoang Duong on

Simplified Beauty by Deon De Villiers on

Castillo de Bellver ja Speculator by Antti Tassberg on

Lotus Bud by James Fichera on

Salt & Pepper by Patrick Chondon on


Water Lily on Water by Tak Yin Lee on

dandelion  by photo 21c on

lovely by photo 21c on

Beach Tower by Dennis Wierenga on

touching by Noam  Cohen on

Complimentary by Tim Green on

alone by Elena Camilli on

beauty of the simplicity by Michał Mierzejewski on

Shell I by Eduard Gorobets on

Victorious Life by Matt Jackisch on

Blue by Drew Hopper on

Sunset Cat by Marji Lang on

At Ease by Jan Bakker on

Simplicity by Salvo Esse on

Sunny days in Barcelona by Miłosz Rebeś on

drapeau by Kimberly Poppe on

Blue carelessness by Vadim Martynenko on

Pars Tower by Morteza Karami Jam on

eternal softness by Tobias Gawrisch on

Trains by Christoph Müller on

Ease by Elina Karaeva on

Getting the image... by Daniel Parent on

Xa loi chai Yên Bái, Vietnam by Sarawut Intarob on

Smile {Tibet} by Sarawut Intarob on

Lovers In Solitude by Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr. on

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