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Night Photography Workshop on the Oregon Coast

Night Photography Workshop Oregon Coast

Night Photography Workshop Oregon – Quick Details

  • Where: Oregon Coast – At the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
  • When: TBD 2017
  • Who: you and anyone else of all skill levels, 18 years of age or older
  • What: Night photography techniques – long exposures, alternative light sources, fireworks, campfires and more. Learn during the day and put it to use at night.
  • Why: Become confident using your camera at night. Get creative. Impress yourself and your friends.

Note: there will be no 2016 workshop. Next earliest will be 2017.
Price: $265 (price in USD)

Learn a variety of techniques and tricks for taking night photographs.

Topics include:

campfire photography oregon night photography workshop

  • long exposures
  • alternative light sources
  • fireworks
  • campfires

Learn about your equipment and how to solve problems you might encounter. The workshop will begin with an in-studio presentation followed by a night field trip. The following afternoon there will be an image review and discussion.

Students will leave with a bunch of images, having had a whole ton of fun doing night photography! If the weather conditions and location are conducive we MAY be able try fire spinning with steel wool (supplies provided), but there are no guarantees and fire safety comes first. We will for SURE do some light painting using flashlights, sparklers and flash (you do not have to own one). Night stars and star trails – weather and location dependent as well.

Register on Sitka Learning Center Website

See a slideshow of some night images by Darlene, click the Play button below.