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Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

So I'm going on a bit of an adventure! By the time you get this I'll already be in Medellín, Colombia. I'm going to be taking intensive Spanish lessons, four hours every day, for four weeks. I'm really dedicated and committed to taking my Spanish skills to the next level. I want to be able to converse in Spanish and I might even start doing some articles or videos in two languages!

What that means is I'm going to be pretty full on with classes and just keep up. So here on Digital Photo Mentor you'll see a few different things over the next few weeks, starting today.

Top 30 articles of all time

This is something we do over at dPS annually in a year-end round-up. But I haven't done it here so I want to present to you the most popular articles ever (sorted into categories for you) here on Digital Photo Mentor. These should keep you busy for a while!

Beginner topics, or good for a review:

mistakes beginners make using a wide-angle lens - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Image quality:

best quality images - shadows and light and dark - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Gear related topics:

what lens to buy next - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Lightroom tips:

clarity versus contrast in Lightroom - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Special subjects:

tips for photographing sunsets - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Light – glorious light!

quality of light - Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

Portrait topics:

Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor

General topics and creativity:

Top 30 Articles of All Time on Digital Photo Mentor
This is just one of my favorite images from our recent Nicaragua photography tour. This is Rebeca, I knew her mother had passed away from cancer weeks ago and she came and whispered in my ear, “Mi madre murió” (my mama died). My heart melted and broke for her. But I love this photo of her with her dad. Follow the six exercises below to get more creative in your photography and you'll see how this applies. By putting myself in new situations and places I get to know these people, care about them, and be part of a group that helps support their community.
  1. Mission Possible – Find Your Lost Creativity with Six Exercises – for anyone in a rut or feeling uncreative. See how my image above applies by reading this article and doing the exercises yourself!
  2. 25 Famous Photographers in History – I believe it's important to know about the history of photography. Apparently, you do too as this is THE most-read article on the site!


Learn about these classic portrait lighting patterns .

Two others that didn't make the top 30, but I think you may want to check out if you're interested in doing portraits are:

What's coming next

Over the next four weeks or so I'll try and keep you updated on my adventure, share some images from Colombia, maybe I'll even do a little video in Spanish for those of you; que hablan español. ¡Háblame en español en los comentarios abajo y dime de dónde eres! Te responderé en español tambien.

Watch for a newsletter coming soon, and possibly an article from a guest author.

So, you can take my lead and delve into learning some new photography tips and tricks. I truly believe that there is always something new to learn, no matter who you are, your experience, or age. I will be using my language skills in my travels, on my tours to Nicaragua and Cuba (possibly coming soon again for 2018, stay tuned), and communicating with many friends I've made in Latin America.

How will you enhance and use your photography skills?



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