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Have you ever wondered about taking photos of people and posting them online, or maybe you want to sell your images at a craft fair and had questions about whether you can legally do so? I sat down and chatted with John Corcorcan who is a lawyer in California and he helped clarify a few things about photography and what we can and can't do legally as photographers. Watch this 20 minute video to get a summary of how to protect yourself and your images.

Stress free tips to to help you when choosing a tripod to purchase. Different features explained. Things to look for, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Nine settings you want to check on your camera before you put it away, to prevent disappointment next time you do any photography.

Boost your creativity - undertaking a photography project is a great way to do this, so I’ll be talking to several photographers (some pro, some amateur) about their projects to help light a fire under your butt to get going on one yourself. The first in the series featured Darcy Evans with his Doll Collection project. This week I’d like to introduce Matt Leitholt.

The Making of a Good Travel Photograph, guest writer walks us through how he created one of his favorite images from a trip to Italy. Includes before and after and tips on how to create better travel photos.

I've got something fun and interesting for you today, an interview with photographer Don Komarechka. I first saw his work on Google Plus and found his work so fascinating I approached him and asked if he'd do an interview and give us some of his secrets to his stunning macro photography.

Review of new ebook from Craft & Vision by David Duchemin. In this short review hopefully I can give you an idea of whether this ebook is for you and perhaps you'll want to read more of David's books after reading it. I highly recommend it and another other of his works!

This article will help you understand depth of field, what it is and how to create stunning out of focus backgrounds using your aperture setting.

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