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Many beginner photographers are afraid of having too many, or any, shadows in their images. While that can hold true, using shadows is also just as important, because a lack of them will leave you with dull, drab, lifeless images. These tips will show you how to use shadows to make dramatic images. Maybe you'll come up with some new photo ideas.

This month’s photography challenge is about honing your powers of observation and learning to see - not only light but moments. You might even get to try out your patience. Find out how to participate and be eligible to win the prize by clicking through to the article.

Part of learning to see, and improving the composition of your photos, is training yourself to see the subject in abstract terms. After the camera the photographer’s most important tool is the eye for a photo. We all want to create, powerful, dramatic and impactful images. But we can’t get there without an understanding of the fundamentals of composition.

Can't find a subject to photograph? Try these 5 photography ideas to get some inspiration to get out there and do some photography. No need to travel far, you can do these right near home.

How you compose your photographs can make or break your image, or be the difference between a pretty snapshot and a work of art. In this article we give you some photography ideas for how to use the element of framing to create stronger images.

Composition can make or break your images. Do it right and you have a stunner. Get it wrong and you have an image that lacks punch and interest. We don't want that. When looking at ways to compose your shot, you'll generate more photography ideas too. Here are 3 tips to help you compose images that don't suck!

A new feature I'm starting here on Digital Photo Mentor - an image collection. Every now and then (once a month) I'll share a selection of images meant to give you some inspiration. So use it however you want, bookmark it, share it on social media, get ideas from it, or just say some "ooohs" and "awwws" and get out and go take some photos of your own!

In this article I explore 5 ways to start taking more interesting photographs. Some may seem simple, others completely off topic, but I assure you that doing these 5 things will help you take better images. Trust me and read on to find out how!

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