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See some of my images from a recent NYC photo walk and how you can apply these tips to your own city photos to capture the heart of the city wherever you are.

how to install lightroom presets

How to Install Lightroom Presets - this written and video tutorial will walk you through how to install LR presets you've bought. It walks you thorough all the steps one by one in easy to follow directions and screenshots, or you can watch the video and follow along.

How to photograph star trails and the Milky Way - tips for equipment needed, camera settings, and set up so that you can go try this yourself.

Step by step article on how to adjust your camera settings to balance and control both the natural light and flash exposure. Includes sample photos, a lighting diagram, before and after and a special bonus FREE PDF download FLASH CHEAT SHEET to help you understand settings for flash photography.

Adobe Lightroom Presets

Video tutorial and tips for using Adobe Lightroom develop presets including: importing presets, applying them, creating new presets, and exporting them for sharing. Before and after photo examples, list of resources, and a special bonus.

off camera flash tutorial for portrait lightingtechniques

Article by guest author Ron Clifford on taking the mystery out of using off camera flash and show you that with a simply one light set up you can achieve dramatic results without buying a lot of expensive equipment. I'll interject and give you a few other alternatives if you want to try this at ... [Read more]

optimizing imbages for the we

This week my special guest is Zach Prez from If you're thinking about getting your images online Zach goes over a few things you'll want to think about including: using Facebook; free blog options vs paid ones; having a good naming convention for images for search-ability and SEO (search engine optimization); optimal file sizing so images load quickly; creating a brand and labeling your images with it; adding text with your images to encourage fans and friends to interact and comment on it.

Stress free tips to to help you when choosing a tripod to purchase. Different features explained. Things to look for, and what pitfalls to avoid.

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An online photography class for beginners, with new lower pricing for 2018 and Downloadable Videos.

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Participate in monthly photography challenges. Join our very interactive community, participate in challenges each month that help you stretch and grow. Learn new skills and make your photos "pop".

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