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Lightroom Presets Bundle #1 – Basic Adjustments





Banner: lightroom presets bundle 1Speed up your Lightroom processing times almost instantaneously with this low cost, easy to install and use, set of Develop Presets – satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  • Do you spend too much time just correcting your images?
  • Do you want to get to the creative part faster?
  • Then this set of presets is the answer you are looking for!

“Great product. I think all amateur and intermediate photographers will get a lot of great value from it. I know I did, and learned a lot from experimenting with each of the presets.”– Steven Li

Lightroom Presets Bundle #1 – Basic Adjustments helps you to speed up your workflow, and even understand the adjustments better so you can tweak to your liking.

Say goodbye to 30 minutes per image and…
hello to instant gratification

With this bundle you get:

  • Over 100 custom-made Lightroom presets created by a photography instructor who understands your processing challenges.
  • Detailed instructions on how to download, install and use them to get the best results – step by step, easy to follow to make your images pop.
  • Great looking images right away – no learning curve, just a few clicks and you'll be on your way.

Lightroom Presets Basic Adjustments Bundle

Buy Now – Download Immediately $29 USD

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If these presets are not easy to use, give you great results, and save you processing time so you can do more of the fun stuff – we'll send your money back. You have 60 days to try them out risk-free. If you aren't 100% satisfied we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Professional photographers use presets

But you don't have to be a pro to use these.

Low cost – high value

For less than the cost of a dinner for two, these presets will help you save enough time so you can go do other things like take your partner to a movie, or even go take more photos!

“DPM's LR Presets Basic Bundle is organized into an intuitive workflow process that makes editing quick and easy. They have easy to understand titles, which takes the guesswork out of knowing which preset to apply. They helped me in achieving a consistent look and feel throughout my photos.” – Jessica Musslewhite Art & Photography

I love them, they are amazing!!! Wow thank you!!! You just made processing even easier!!
– Cyndee Quattrin

You get 9 Categories of Presets including:

  •  17 presets to decrease punch or lower contrast
  •  18 presets to increase punch or increase contrast
  •  12 settings for sharpening and noise reduction
  •  15 presets to add a cool tone to your image
  •  15 presets to warm up your image
  •  14 settings to lighten or darken your image
  •  7 Basic settings for import (apply these when you import your images and save time before you even start)
  •  8 Edge vignettes to darken or lighten the edge of your images
  •  7 super handy presets to enhance and adjust skin tone (including one to neutralize sunburn!)

“It was interesting to learn what adjustments the presets did for specific effects and this really taught me how to manually edit my pictures better on my own and learn more about the power of what Lightroom can do for your pictures.”– Steven Li

Before and after examples

LR-presets-before LR-presets-Image-tone-warmer-2-highlights-redA-clarity2-contrast-whites-blacks30-exp-lower03

In the example above the following presets have been applied:

  •  Warm Image #2 Temp/tint
  •  Warm highlights #4 Red A (split tone)
  •  Clarity bump #2 medium (landscape)
  •  Contrast increase whites/blacks +30
  •  Exposure -0.3

So two presets to warm the image, two to add contrast and punch and one to adjust exposure. Five clicks created this before/after in seconds.

1-LR-presets-lighten-before 3-LR-presets-skin-sunburn-strong-claritybump1-lesscontrast-whitesblacks20-warmshadows-goldenA-lesscontrast-10

In this example image above the following presets have been used:

  •  Clarity bump #1 low (portraits)
  •  Skin #6 Remove sunburn strong
  •  Contrast decrease whites/blacks -20
  •  Contrast -10
  •  Warm shadows #1 Golden A (split tone)

So five presets used once again on this image to warm it up and reduce the contrast to have more detail in the dark areas.



The image above was overexposed (would you have tossed it? Not any more – it can be fixed if you've shot RAW).

The following presets were used to correct this image:

  •  Exposure -1.5
  •  Highlight lower -100
  •  Shadow lift +50
  •  Contrast increase whites/blacks +20
  •  Clarity bump #1 low (portraits)
  •  Skin #7 General enhance
  •  Vignette Edge darken strong

So a total of seven presets used on this before/after. Are you starting to see how they work together? I've designed these presets to do just that!


The image above shows a low contrast lighting situation and presets have been applied to boost punch, increase contrast and give the image more pop.

The following presets have been used:

  •  Clarity bump #3 high
  •  Contrast increase whites/blacks +30
  •  Highlight lower -30
  •  Warm shadows #4 Red A (split tone)
  •  Vignette Edge darken medium
  •  Shadow lift +25

Increasing clarity really helps on flat images like this or ones with haze or fog.



In the example image above the following presets have been used:

I first added some contrast and warmed up the highlights using some presets from those sets.

Then I applied:

  •  Skin #2 Darker suntan (darken)

You can see the effect it has had on her skin. For someone that is pale this will work well – I've gone farther here than I normally would just to demonstrate.



I couldn't find a photo of anyone with a really bad sunburn but you can see what it has done to the red scales of the fish. The reduce sunburn preset is really handy!


Doesn't Lightroom already come with basic presets?

Yes but they aren't great. If you've tried them you know they are just that – really basic. If you don't find ours better we'll give you a full refund, guaranteed. So what have you got to lose?

“While, LR itself has presets that handle some of the adjustments provided, thry are a bit like taking a hammer to the file and you always need to adjust them later. These presets have more nuances to the settings and provide more subtleties to the adjustments.” – Bev Holoboff

Can't I just do all this myself?

Yes you sure can! The idea behind getting some really good presets is to start yourself off with a good foundation, and to get you some great results right away so you will keep going. From there I encourage you to tweak them, alter them, add more, and create your own presets even. So if you are just starting with LR or have used it for a while but want to go to the next level – give these a try and see if they don't save you some time, and learn something in the process.

Why should I buy these presets when there are are 1000s available?

All true, many even for free. But like anything, you get what you pay for. Free ones may look appealing because of the price but if you download 1000 and have to go through them all to find 5 that you really like and dump the rest – it's time wasted you could better spend on your images. Buying them from a trusted source like Digital Photo Mentor will ensure a higher quality standard. We guarantee your satisfaction or money-back.

What if I can't get them working or have technical issues?

We have a step by step instruction page and video on how to download and install them which you will get once your purchase is complete. If you still need help just get in touch using our contact form and a real person will reply and help you solve your problem.

Can I share these with friends?

We absolutely recommend that you share this page with your friends and tell them all about our presets. But we ask that you not share them for free with others. A lot of work went into creating the presets and we make our living helping photographers like you. If everyone can get them for free then we can't continue to give as much free information away on our site. Please support us by respecting our copyright and don't share with friends by giving them the presets.

Still not sure?

We're so confident that you'll love our presets that we recommend you just buy them and try them out. If you don't find them valuable, just tell us and we'll send you refund. But we're pretty sure you'll love them!

Lightroom Presets Basic Adjustments Bundle

Buy Now – Download Immediately $29 USD

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If these presets are not easy to use, give you great results, and save you processing time so you can do more of the fun stuff – we'll send your money back. You have 60 days to try them out risk-free. If you aren't 100% satisfied we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.