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Portrait Retouching Using Lightroom in 10 Minutes or Less

In this portrait retouching tutorial I will show you the workflow I use for editing and retouching a portrait using Lightroom.

I usually spend no more than 10 minutes on a single image, and often it's less than five. Keep in mind I only do this on final selections for the client or ones I've chosen to feature – I do NOT do this to every single image I shoot.

Workflow for Portrait Retouching

Something I get asked about a lot is about my workflow.

The process I go through as I approach each photo when I'm editing.

That's a really long and hard answer so I thought I'd break it up into little bite-sized pieces that are easier to digest. Workflow includes everything from downloading, sorting, tagging, culling, and processing, as well as a backup strategy.

I'll try and cover some of those things in a future video but for today we're going to focus on the photo editing workflow for portrait retouching, and I'll be using Lightroom.

NOTE: Only do retouching and this degree of editing on final picks. Don't give yourself more work by doing every single image this way.

Watch the video now to see how I go from this before image:

Before image, straight out of camera RAW file
Before image, straight out of camera RAW file
After retouching in Lightroom
After retouching in Lightroom

To this finished one above. I might take a few more than ten minutes on the video, but I stop to explain a few things along the way. Enjoy the tutorial.

lightroom alternative for photo editing softwareNEW: Adobe has announced changes to their licensing model for their products.

Lightroom Alternative: I've reviewed what I believe to be one of the best lightroom alternatives currently available. I encourage you to check it out before making ANY decisions about your photo editing software choices.

Read: Lightroom Alternative - Is Luminar the Answer?

Until next time, keep shooting and have fun!


Darlene teaches portrait retouching

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