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Photography and Learning to See with fine art photographer Doug Kaye

Bubba's Diner
Bubba's Diner

It was my pleasure to sit and have a chat with fine art photographer Doug Kaye, who I've occasionally co-hosted the TWiP podcast with. We are two peas in a pod when it comes to our thoughts on the craft of photography and how to develop your skills. Even though Doug comes from a background in technology his images are outstanding and he is a true gentleman. I think he personally proves that artistic talent can be developed, you're not always born with it.

“Artistic talent can be developed, you're not always born with it and that's okay” – Darlene

As you watch this Doug is currently in Turkey (or on his way home) and was right in the middle of the protests in Istanbul. Perhaps I can convince him to join me again and talk about his experience there and photographing in the midst of a country in turmoil. Let me work on that!

Today we talk about the art of photography and learning to see, training your eye to look at things perhaps a little bit differently.

Some lessons you could take away from my chat with Doug Kaye

  • you're the interpreter. Viewers of your image won't have the benefit of anything outside the frame: smells, sounds, depth.
  • study subjects from 360 degrees in all three (or four!) dimensions.
  • try looking only at shadows.
  • do something different than the usual, camera angle
  • get out with others, join a photo walk or local camera club
  • share your images on social media and get comments
  • look at all kinds of fine art

Have a listen and learn!

Here are some of Doug's images

The Butcher of Havana
The Butcher of Havana
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
On the Rocks
On the Rocks
1952 Chevy car
1952 Chevy car


Doug's Bio

I grew up in my father's wet darkroom, majored in theatrical lighting as an undergraduate and cinematography in grad school, then became a documentary filmmaker. After a 25-year diversion as a tech executive, I went back to still photography in 2009. Like everyone else, I'm still learning and trying to improve my fine-art photography (mostly architectural and urban), but also teaching photography and Photoshop when I can.

Where to find Doug online

Links and other things mentioned in the video

Action Plan

If you haven't already done so, sign up and grab my ebook 10 Challenges to help you take better pictures, 100% FREE! To get it just use the sign up form just below here. It's a big green box you can't miss it!

Share any insights you have learned on the art of seeing? How do you work on your creative side?

Until next time, cheers


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