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Photography Challenges

Do you think you need to buy a new camera or the latest gadget to improve your photography? Think again!

What you probably need to do is spend some time getting to know the camera you have now, and most importantly practice taking photographs!

In this section, you will find all of our monthly challenges.

Although most of them have already had their prizes awarded, they are still the perfect way for you to practice and perfect your photography with a solid structure for inspiration and motivation.

These challenges offer you expert advice, tricks of the trade, and suggested starting points to get your creative juices flowing.

What can you expect from these photography challenges:

  • Shooting and non-shooting challenges.
  • Get my top tips for success.
  • Exercises that will push you through your sticking points.
  • Discover ways to look at everything differently.
  • Your creativity will be expanded.
  • You will learn to take more interesting photos.

The best way to improve your photography is by challenging yourself and by being consistent with your practice so you can really cement your learning. These challenges are designed to guide you to see the world a little differently, and bring out your creativity, while pushing you to edge outside your comfort zone at the same time.

Are ready to start challenging yourself? Take a read of the top challenges below to get going.

This new monthly photography challenge urges you to get close and personal with your subject and try some macro photography. See the details, get some tips, find out who won the last challenge and how you can participate in this one by reading the full article here.

Here's a photography challenge to help you look at ordinary things differently. You don't need to have amazing subjects, you just need to think outside the box.

This photography challenge is about why using your tripod can make you a better photographer. You may find it harder than you think, but if you push through you should be rewarded by seeing your photography improve.

This month's photography challenge is about doing something different. Inside you'll find several methods and tips for how to create an abstract image using intentional blur. Try one, or try them all - but give it a go and have some fun with this one.

This month’s photography challenge is about honing your powers of observation and learning to see - not only light but moments. You might even get to try out your patience. Find out how to participate and be eligible to win the prize by clicking through to the article.

This month's challenge is about working with the light at midday. Trying to shoot in ugly, harsh light, and still make some good images.

Challenge yourself this month to do some long exposure photography - 10 seconds or longer. There are tips for success and example images included in the article - read on for more on how to participate and enter to win a prize.

This challenge is about shooting in monochrome. In the golden days of film, black and white was very popular with many photographers. Shooting in monochrome strips the image down to the real basics - light, tone and form. It forces you to look at your subject differently and really see what the light is doing. Part of your challenge this month is to use this tool to learn to see light.

This month your challenge is to study 5 photographers in a very specific way to learn from them, and grow in your own photography. Yes there is a contest and a prize - one you won't want to miss. Read about it now and get started.

This monthly photography challenge may push your limits a little bit and that's exactly the point. Read about the benefits of limiting yourself to only using one lens for a whole month.

This month's photography challenge is to get you using your camera more often - daily in fact! In order to get past stumbling on the technical aspects of photography you need to become one with your camera. This challenge will help you do that!

This photography challenge series is a little different than others. It will make you push yourself to the boundaries of your comfort zone and get outside it to grow as a photographer. In this article we announce the winner from the printing challenge, and introduce the new one - photograph a friend or neighbor.

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