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Myanmar Photo Tour (Burma)

MANDALAY, MYANMAR - CIRCA DECEMBER 2013: Monk walking and carrying bowl with lunch in the Mahar Gandar Yone monastery in Amarpura

Warm-hearted people, ancient traditions, and golden pagodas … welcome to magical Myanmar. Better known as Burma or the Golden Land, this corner of Southeast Asia is an allure for all senses.

Maximize Your Learning Opportunities

Anyone interested in getting to know and experience Myanmar’s people and culture should visit now. Many spots that were off limits or totally banned for foreigners to visit just a couple of years ago are now open.

To a street, documentary or landscape photographer, Myanmar is heaven. Nothing can compare to the markets in bustling Yangon, ancient temples in the plains of Bagan and captivating villages around Inle Lake. The country’s welcoming people are always ready to return a smile. In the countryside, people still use horses and carts to get around, buffalo are used to plow fields and villagers enjoy simple pleasures and traditional life.

We will only be accepting a maximum of 10 photo tour guests.

If you like photo vacations with an emphasis on improving your camera skills at the same time, a smaller group presents a greater chance you’ll learn what you came to – and then some!

Over the course of the tour, you will get help in areas you may be struggling with, in a small group setting.

This will help maximize your learning opportunities and give you time to get individual help, ask questions, get your images reviewed and allow us to customize the tour dynamically based on the guest's needs and skill levels.

  • Where: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Length: 14 Days
  • When: February 2019, date TBD
  • Who: You and 9 other photography enthusiasts
  • What: A 14-day photo tour of Myanmar, catering to photographing in the best light of the day, in the field practice in a fun small group setting, with a flexible schedule and customized photography lessons to match the group members!
  • Why: Total photography immersion, in a safe environment, with experienced professional photographers providing lots of hands-on help!

Sunrise over the famous temples and pagodas in Bagan in Myanmar

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Exploring Yangon

YANGON, MYANMAR - CIRCA DECEMBER 2013: Woman lighting incense in the Shwedagon Pagoda, a famous landmark in YangonOur group will begin the tour of this fascinating country by exploring Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city.

Often overlooked, this metropolis has a lot to offer.

Explore and photograph beautiful colonial buildings, parks, street markets, the circular train, and the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, which enshrines strands of Buddha’s hair and is one of the largest golden temples in the world.

Ancient City of Bagan

View of the terrace overlooking the plains of Bagan in Myanmar from one of the ancient temples.Next, we’ll visit the ancient city of Bagan.

One of the main attractions drawing visitors to the country is this ancient area and archeological zone located in the Mandalay Region.

The archeological site is surrounded by small towns and villages, but the center of the action happens in the plains, dotted with more than 2,000 pagodas and Buddhist temples, many constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries.

It’s a very unique and spiritual experience watching dark skies turn orange surrounded by the endless silhouettes of the temples in the distance.

Inle Lake – the Intha and Floating Gardens

INLE LAKE, MYANMAR - CIRCA DECEMBER 2013: Fisherman taking a rest and smoking in his boat in Inle Lake, MyanmarWe’ll also explore Inle Lake, home of the Intha.

These ethnic people support themselves by fishing and tending floating gardens of vegetables and fruits.

Small boats are the main mode of transportation, and we’ll move around the villages and visit the markets in the same fashion the locals do.

Throughout our journey, we’ll be sure to stray off the beaten path and explore traditional tribes and ancient villages – the ones not often covered in other photo tours. This tour is designed to not only show you Myanmar in all its magnificence but also to learn about and interact with its extraordinary people.

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One of my best trips ever!

Lucia , Brazil

Maybe because our husbands and wives were not there, maybe because we all shared the same interest, the group was really ONE, not little groups as we always find in a trip. Same age, same experience, no competition, everybody relaxed, funny talks, etc etc

I had much fun and enjoyed every minute of these days. One of my best trips ever.