Luminar Neo Trial (FREE for 7-Days)

Whether you’re brand new to editing, have used older versions of Luminar, or want to add Luminar Neo into your workflow as a plugin, just click the button below to be take to Skylum for a Luminar Neo trial version download. It’s that simple.

Skylum Luminar Neo Trial Version for download

Digital Photo Mentor receives a small commission if you choose to purchase the software. It has no effect on your final purchase price. Use coupon code: DPM10 to save 10% on your entire cart if you decide to purchase it.

Once you’ve downloaded the Luminar Neo free trial, you’ll want to check out the “Getting Started and Navigating Luminar Neo” and “Adding Images and First Steps” lessons in Luminar Neo training course. The first 2 lessons are free.

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Getting Started With Luminar Neo

Once you’ve downloaded your free trial of Luminar Neo and installed it, you’ll want to get up to speed as fast as possible on how to use it. Enter your email address in the form below and once you confirm, you’ll be sent a link to preview the first 2 lessons for free. Read more about the course below.

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Digital Photo Mentor receives a small commission if you choose to purchase the software. It has no effect on your final purchase price. Use coupon code: DPM10 to save 10% on your entire cart when you checkout.

Luminar Neo Promo Code

Once you’ve installed your Luminar Neo trial, and spent the 7 days evaluating it (and I highly recommend you put it through it’s paces in these next 7 days), I’m confident enough that you’ll want to move forward and purchase it.

When you do so, save some money by using our Luminar Neo coupon code of DPM10.

This promo code will be applied to everything in your cart at checkout and save you 10% off the entire purchase.

I really hope you decide to watch the first 2 lessons in my course. It will help take the mystery of getting started as it walks you step-by-step through the interface and tools.

Luminar Neo Course Preview

Download your free trial version of Luminar Neo and then get yourself setup with some video instructions.

You can read about the entire course here, but let me tell you what you’ll learn for free in the 2 lesson previews.

Luminar Neo Workflow and Interface

Lesson One

In this first lesson, you’ll see how to make your way around the Luminar Neo interface, in particular the library or catalog module.

You’ll learn about setting up your preferences, and how to install Luminar Neo as a plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, or your other photo editing software that is compatible. Finally, you’ll learn about the Luminar Neo catalog – what it is, how it works, and where do your image edits get saved.

  • Finding your way around the Luminar Neo interface
  • Setting up your preferences (Mac)
  • How to install Luminar Neo as a plugin
  • Understanding the Luminar Neo catalog
  • The Catalog module
  • Using Albums to sort and gather your favorite images
  • Flagging and sorting images
  • A brief introduction to the Luminar Share feature

Adding Images and First Steps

Lesson Two

In this second lesson, you’ll Learn how to add images and get started editing them. This is exactly what you’ll want to know after installing the Luminar Neo trial right?

You’ll learn how to apply a preset to your image and use the Develop tool. See how the new Luminar Neo history works in the Edits Panel as well as the Erase tool, including automatic removal of power lines and dust spots.

  • Adding and working with images in Luminar Neo
  • Applying Presets and what you need to know
  • How to use the Develop Raw tool
  • How the Luminar Neo Edits (history) panel works
  • How to use the Erase tool
  • Understanding the automatic dust spot and powerline removal features

Learn More About the Course

We go into much more detail here on what the course is about, what’s included in the 30+ lessons with over 16 hours of video tutorials, bonus sky replacements, bokeh overlays, textures and Darlene’s RAW files for you to work with. So get your trial software AND get to know our course.

Darlene Hildebrandt, Skylum Ambassador and authorized to provide a link to a Luminar Neo trial version

Your Instructor

Darlene Hildebrandt has been a professional photographer since 1987. She’s owned a photography studio, done every type of photography from food to portraits, and over 250 weddings. She has done photography business coaching as well as retouched physical negatives in a dark room.

With the advent of digital photography, Darlene moved into Lightroom and Photoshop since there inception in 1995. She has led photography tours around the world, lead workshops in multiple countries and teaches her photo editing skills through Lightroom, Photoshop, and courses here on Digital Photo Mentor.

Skylum Ambassador

Darlene is a Skylum Ambassador and has been teaching photography since 2010. When you’re learning from Darlene, you’re in great hands.

Luminar Neo Review

Darlene did a review of Luminar Neo after using it for several months. She gives a complete overview of the Skylum editing tool and her thoughts on why she thinks it’s the best photo editing software for beginners.

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What is the promo code for Luminar Neo

You can use our DPM10 promo code (coupon code or discount code) to save 10% on your entire cart. Apply the promo code at checkout and you’ll receive your discount.

Is Luminar Neo free or paid?

While the Luminar Neo trial version is free for 7 days to evaluate it, the full lifetime version does require either a one time payment, or a subscription.

Does the Luminar Neo trial come with Extensions?

Yes. The trial version of Luminar Neo comes with a complete set of Extensions for you to test out and evaluate before making your decision to buy.

Does Luminar Neo offer a free trial?

YES! Skylum Software offers a 7-day free trial of Luminar Neo for select ambassadors and specially selected representatives. Digital Photo Mentor fits into one of those categories and can provide a unique link for their readers.

Do professionals use Luminar?

Professional photographers most certainly use Luminar Neo and their full line of extension. As a professional photographers since 1987, I find that I’m able to use the AI technology and ease of use and save a ton of time in my workflow.