Luminar Neo: The COMPLETE Course

Whether you’re brand new to editing, have used older versions of Luminar, or want to add Luminar Neo into your workflow as a plugin – this Luminar Neo Masterclass will set yourself up for success. You’ll gain confidence in your photo editing abilities, speed up your workflow and create stunning images after completing Luminar Neo – the Complete Course.

Unlock Your CREATIVE Juices with Luminar Neo

Learn more with this Luminar Neo course than just how to improve your photos. Less expensive than any equipment upgrade, with often just as much impact.

Impress friends, family, and yourself with a newfound command of photo editing and the resulting images.

Luminar Neo training from start to finish, from one instructor with decades of photo editing experience.

Essentially, a Luminar Neo Masterclass. One instructor, from start to finish, covering everything I’d ever want to know and, with weekly live photo editing instruction on YouTube, I can learn, grow, and be inspired by the community you’ve created.

Erol. O.

Step-by-step tutorials

You’ll learn the best approach to photo editing starting with the basics before moving on to adding creative touches. Portrait editing will be a breeze, and you’ll soon be fixing and solving common image issues.

Lifetime Access

Your Luminar Neo course is available forever.

Once you register,  you will have lifetime access to all the video lessons. So you can refer to them whenever you need a refresher, and new lessons will be added as the program develops and gets upgrades.

What’s Included?

The RAW files used in the tutorials are included so you can follow along with the video lessons. As well, you get six bonus images (2 sky replacement images, 2 textures, and 2 bokeh overlays) so you can practice creative and advanced techniques.


With a full 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re not happy or decide the course isn’t for you, no problem.

Luminar Neo Course sample image

Your Photos, Your Way

In this 17+ hour course, you’ll learn how to use Luminar Neo by understanding the interface, how to use the tools, and the best way to approach your images to get the end result you want.

Clean up spots, powerlines, do portrait edits, replace the sky, remove the background, control the light in 3D all with nearly a single click.

Learn how to use Luminar Neo, in the comfort of your own home, with a single instructor – no more one-off tutorials here and there on YouTube.

What You’ll Learn in This
Luminar Neo Course

The easy answer is EVERYTHING.

In more detail, everything listed below. PLUS, ongoing course updates. Once you own this course, you will get free updates as new features are added to the software. Additional lessons will be added as necessary for all improvements, updates, and changes to Luminar Neo and you’ll have FULL ACCESS!

Luminar Neo Workflow and Interface

  • How to install and update Luminar Neo as well as use it as a plugin
  • How to open images into Luminar Neo as a stand-alone software
  • How to open images from Photoshop/Lightroom into Luminar Neo as a plugin
  • How to use the Luminar Neo catalog and library features for sorting, flagging, and finding images
  • How to use every single item in the tools portion of the software
  • How to execute basic adjustments like exposure, color, and contrast

How to do Creative Photo Editing with Luminar Neo

  • Which tools to use for the effect that you want to achieve
  • How and why to use masking 
  • Understanding the new history panel
  • How to apply presets and what you need to know
  • How to crop and erase
  • How to fix common images issues and problems
  • How to save or export your images ready for print or online usage
  • How to copy image adjustments from one image to another

Take Your Images to the Next Level

  • Learn all about layers
  • How to add a texture or bokeh overlay
  • Combine multiple images or add a watermark
  • Learn how to approach the editing process and when you’ve gone too far
  • Learn how to add style and a finishing touch to your images
  • How to use the new Luminar Share app to send images back and forth from your mobile phone to Luminar Neo for editing and easy social media sharing

How is This Luminar Neo Course Organized?

The course is organized into sections that lead the student through a complete understanding of the interface and tools, the workflow for using Luminar Neo as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop, how to fix common image problems and editing all kinds of photos from landscapes, portraits, pets, macro and getting creative by turning your photos into digital art using textures and bokeh among other things.

Luminar Neo Course logo

Getting Started

In this opening section of the course, you’ll be introduced to Luminar Neo and show how to get around the different modules, side panels, and tools.

The Essential Tools

Here you’ll learn how to add images to Luminar Neo and start to use the processing tools for a good base understanding of each and what they do.

The Creative Tools

Now it’s time for you to get creative. Learn how to do a sky replacement properly so it’s natural-looking and believable, then add some finishing touches.

Portrait Tools

Learning how to use the portrait tools is important even if you don’t plan to ever do formal portraits or aren’t a professional photographer. These tools will work on ANY photo of a person, candid or posed. So you’ll see how to transform your people pictures and flatter your family and friends so that they will only want you to take their photos from now on!

Advanced Tools

This section is all about the final things you need to learn about in Luminar Neo – the Professional tools and Layers. You’ll see how to use them and when to apply each.

Using Layers doesn’t have to be complicated, and this course will help you master them!

Luminar Neo Workflow

You’ll learn how to use Luminar Neo as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop, how to save or export your finished image at the right size for printing or online use, and how to transfer your photos to your phone for social media sharing using Luminar Share.

Fixing Common Problems

This is where the practical application of all the tools and techniques you’ve learned so far in the course all come together.

You’ll take all that information and see how to fix common image issues like noise, sharpness, color issues, too much contrast, not enough contrast, and so on.

After this, you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything!

Editing All Kinds of Photos

Finally, you’ll see a full start to finish edit on several different kinds of images from street or travel photos, to landscapes, portraits, and abstracts, all the way to creating fine art and night photography images.

Using the RAW images provided in the course to practice, you can follow along and try to reproduce the same results as your instructor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch and learn as Darlene answers all student questions in a live format, while she not only answer the questions, she demonstrates them in real time.

Watch many more hours of photo editing demonstrations while having your questions answered and picking up a few more tips and tricks.

Luminar Neo Course

This Luminar Neo Course IS FOR YOU if…

  • You have never done any photo editing and are brand new to it
  • You are new to the Luminar suite of photo editing software 
  • You have an older version of Luminar (particularly Luminar 4) and have upgraded to Luminar Neo
  • You use Lightroom or Photoshop and want to add Luminar Neo to your workflow as a plugin 
  • You’re a bit lost with some of the new features in Luminar Neo
  • You have many questions and aren’t sure where to go for help
  • You want to take your editing to a new level 
  • You want everything you need to learn about Luminar Neo in one easy-to-find place
  • You want to find ONE good instructor and follow that person so you aren’t confused by different methods

This Luminar Neo Course is NOT FOR YOU if…

  • You are already a photo editing master
  • You are using Luminar AI and do not plan to upgrade to Luminar Neo
  • You lack basic computer skills such as understanding the file and folder structure on your computer

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What are students saying about this Luminar Neo Course?

Al Cormier, photography course student testimonial headshot

On a scale of 1 to 10… this class far exceeded expectations, and yes, it was way off the charts, meaning way over a 10!!! Thanks for a most positive learning opportunity.

Al Cormier

Luminar Neo The Complete Course is the best value photo editing course I invested in. For anyone hesitating to sign up; do it you won’t be disappointed.

Branden Wong

Edward Barbieri, photography student testimonial headshot

This is an outstanding Course, extraordinary value, covering photo editing in detail in a format that enables easy assimilation of the powerful photo editing tools of Luminar NEO.

Darlene is unquestionably one of the BEST photography instructors there is.

Edward Barbieri

This is the best course I’ve taken on any of the Luminar products. Well worth the cost and the time investment.

Barbara Rozavsky

It was a no-brainer for me to purchase DPM’s Luminar NEO Course because Darlene has been my mentor for over 18 months and I’ve done many of her other courses, tutorials, editing sessions, private tutoring, etc. I knew this would be the best way for me to learn what’s new in Luminar.

Holly Linton

darlene hildebrandt beginner photography course instructor

Your Instructor

Darlene Hildebrandt has been a professional photographer since 1987. She’s owned a photography studio, done every type of photography from food to portraits, and over 250 weddings. She has done photography business coaching as well as retouched physical negatives in a dark room.

With the advent of digital photography, Darlene moved into Lightroom and Photoshop since there inception in 1995. She has led photography tours around the world, lead workshops in multiple countries and teaches her photo editing skills through Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar AI and Luminar Neo courses and classes here on Digital Photo Mentor.

Skylum Ambassador

Darlene is a Skylum Ambassador and has been teaching photography since 2010. When you’re learning from Darlene, you’re in great hands.

More Rave Reviews From Students

Alice Fraser luminar neo course testimonial headshot

I hesitated to purchase this course initially because there are so many clips and videos online for Luminar Neo and this would only be an extension of those. WRONG! The course covered everything from start to finish, in a very precise and understandable way.

A very in-depth course, and I would highly recommend it.

Alice Fraser

This course is a complete and logical step-by-step process to learn Neo with additional updates as features and tools are added or modified. I looked around for other resources and they were mostly incomplete or scattered lessons rather than building your knowledge in a logical progression.

Byron West

What I love about this class, where I am a beginner, I like the fact you give us photos to play with. Other classes I have taken I had to use my own pictures and that was very discouraging. So I love this.

JoAnn Thorton

Al Cormier, photography course student testimonial headshot

A sincere thanks for what you have done in this course, I have taken many other online photo courses, and they all fail in comparison.

You have provided a complete information overload, broken it down into easy to understand and practical application for each tool.

Personally, you guided me to look at photo editing in a completely different way. Again, Thanks so much for all that you do, you guys are amazing!!

Al Cormier

What’s Included With Your Luminar Neo Course Purchase

Luminar Neo Course Product Box

The Luminar Neo Course

Over 17 hours of training on the Luminar Neo interface, editing workflow, how to do creative photo editing and taking your photos to the next level.

Luminar Neo Course RAW files bonus items box

RAW Files to Work With

Over 30 of my own RAW files to work with and practice as you follow along with the tutorials.

Luminar Neo Course sky replacement bonus item

Bonus Sky Replacements

TWO of my high-res sky replacement photos to use and practice with as you follow along with the tutorials for replacing skies.

Luminar Neo Course Bokeh Overlay bonus items

Bonus Bokeh Overlays

TWO of my high-res bokeh overlays for you to work with as you follow along with the Luminar Neo tutorials in the course.

Luminar Neo Course texture overlay bonus items

Bonus Texture Overlays

Included with your course purchase are two of my texture overlays to help you understand layers and making creative photos.

Luminar Neo Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet bonus item

Luminar Neo Shortcuts

Also included is my Luminar Neo keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet, suitable for printing and keeping by your desk to help speed your editing process.

Will This Luminar Neo Course be Kept up to Date?

YES! As Luminar Neo gets updates, so will the course! Every time Skylum updates the software I will do a short video explaining what’s new. If it warrants a lesson update or addition that will be done as well. So you’ll always have the most current information and lessons on the latest version of Luminar Neo.

Enroll in the course now!

Purchase this Luminar Neo Masterclass now, and get immediate access to the live one-on-one course intro, and full access to the instructor for Q & A sessions.

Luminar Neo Course


  • 30+ Lessons
  • Over 17 hours of video training
  • Over 30 RAW files to work with
  • Full editing workflows
  • 2 bonus sky replacement images
  • 2 bonus texture overlays
  • 2 bonus bokeh overlays
  • Lifetime access
  • Money back guarantee
  • Always up to date
secure checkout
payment methods

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We wholeheartedly believe in the Luminar Neo course, and have many satisfied students. But we want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!

That’s why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Try out Luminar Neo: The Complete Course for 30 days, and if you aren’t satisfied, just ask us for a full refund.

If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that we haven’t delivered, we will issue a 100% refund.

Luminar Neo course instructor Darlene Hildebrandt

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys to teach this Luminar Neo course anyway?

Darlene has been a professional photographer for over 33 years and has been teaching photography for over 11. She is a teacher who understand the needs of beginners and advanced students alike.

How long do I have access to the course? What if I can’t start now due to time commitments elsewhere?

Your purchase allows you lifetime unlimited access to the course and all the lessons – watch it and refer to it as often as you want, and get any updates free of charge.

So you can go through the lessons at your own pace, and start when it is convenient for you.

Can I download the videos?

You can watch the video lessons on any device including laptop, smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately they are not available for download.

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the Luminar Neo course?

No. If you already have the Luminar Neo software, there are no other costs. If you don’t already own the software, you can purchase Luminar Neo here and use coupon code DIGITALPHOTOMENTOR to save $10 at checkout on the Skylum website.

What about update to Luminar Neo? Will those be added to the course?

YES! As Luminar Neo gets updates, so will the course!

Every time Skylum updates the software I will do a short video explaining what’s new. If it warrants a lesson update or addition that will be done as well.

So you’ll always have the most current information and lessons on the latest version of Luminar Neo.

I want to use Luminar Neo as a plugin for another photo editing software like Lightroom, will this course still be of value to me?

Yes it will, 100%!

I go over all the tools one by one in the first section of the course. I teach it using the stand alone version Luminar Neo but I will also have a lesson on workflow from Lightroom and Photoshop so you can follow along.

But the course will teach you how to use Luminar Neo and what you can do with it – then you decide how you use Luminar Neo as a Plugin (plugin or stand alone) for your own workflow.

Do you have an example of your Luminar Neo Training?

I DO! I have 3 lessons you can preview for free, just by putting your email into the form on this page.

You can watch nearly an hour of Luminar Neo training about navigating the interface, setting it up, adding images and your first steps after doing so.

How long will it take to learn how to use Luminar Neo?

It depends. By enrolling in the course, you’ll learn how to use Luminar Neo from start to finish, all the tools as well as complete digital workflows. How long it will take to learn how to use Luminar Neo would depend on your application of the lessons, doing the homework, practicing and that sort of thing. You’ll get more out of the course the more you put into it.

Can I read the notes and watch the videos on my tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons on any device including laptop, smartphone or tablet. The lesson notes are online and readable on any device. RAW files and sample textures, skies and bokeh will need to be downloaded to your computer as they’re very large files.

What if I have technical issues like I can’t log in or forgot my password, etc?

There is a dedicated technical help email address – get help when you’re stuck.

What if I have a question about the material in one of the lessons?

There is a spot on each lesson page for you to submit any questions related to that lesson. Then if that lesson hasn’t been covered in the live sessions yet, it will be answered during that Q&A and will appear at the bottom of that lesson page in a day or two.

Once all the interactive classes have been completed, if you send in a question I will either answer you by email, or I’ll record something to cover it and add it as well.

Finally, I also demonstrate photo editing live on YouTube each week using Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar Neo, and other software. You can attend these live workflow sessions and ask any questions you like.

Are you concerned about the stability of Skylum due to the situation in Ukraine and the fact that their company is based in Kyiv?

No I’m confident in their ability to keep their doors opened and to continue making their software.

They actually put out an update version 1.0.2 just a few days ago. So they are still working even under the extenuating circumstances they are under. I did a video about it CLICK HERE to watch it.

Or perhaps this interview with the CEO of Skylum will help set your concerns aside.

I am also in touch with my contacts and for the most part they are still working, just a bit slower than regular. So no, I’m not concerned for the company, just for the personal safety of any of their team that are still inside the country.

What is your refund policy? Is there a guarantee?

If you aren’t happy with the course content, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase we will give you a full refund.

I’m looking for a Luminar Neo Masterclass

This course easily qualifies as a Luminar Neo Masterclass. With over 30 hours, and growing as Skylum updates the software, and weekly photo editing livestreams allowing for live Q&A where students can ask any question they like, yes. It’s a Masterclass.