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Dot’s Diner HDR image featured on Daily HDR website!

Dot Diner HDR

I’m so pleased that one of my images has been featured on the Daily HDR website.   “Dot’s Diner”, is one of my personal favorites.   Thanks to Sean Ogle, the owner of that blog for the invitation and chance to be on his site.  Sean I’d love to have you write something or share something on my blog if you’re so inclined.

I’ve recently been reading and connecting with Sean’s other site Location 180, about living location independent and being able to work and live anywhere you want!  I was actually lucky enough to enter a contest he ran and won a copy of the War of Art which is next up for reading right after Chris Guillebeau’s book, the “Art of Non-Conformity.

I stumbled upon Chris’ blog of the same name, accidentally one day.  It is about “unconventional strategies for work, life and travel” and what he and Sean write really resonates with me right now.

Chris also offers packages to help you learn how to be a Travel Ninja and Frequent Flyer Master – I’m also in the process of reading those.  Wanna travel more but it’s too expensive?   Want free travel?  Buy his guides!

If you’ve ever wondered “Is this all there is?”   If you’ve ever wanted more out of life but maybe you don’t even know what that is?  Sign up for both Chris and Sean’s blogs and see if you aren’t as inspired as I was and am!

Keep up the good work guys, and thanks again Sean!

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  • Thank you so much for the nice write up! I’m also a big advocate of Chris’ stuff, and when it comes to traveling for cheap, he is definitely someone worth looking up to.

    • Darlene

      It was my pleasure to be on your site! So thank you!

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