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As a special gift for readers of the Digital Photography School web site I offer you a FREE mini-course on beginner photography or a little more advanced course on portrait photography!

We've got something for every skill level.

Beginner e-Course

In my classes one of the things I preach to my students constantly is that in order to improve you have to get out and do some actual photography! The best way to learn anything and advance faster is to do it more often. Think about learning a language, if you immerse yourself in a country that speaks the language you will learn much faster. The same is true of photography, or anything for that matter.

Practice, practice, practice!

So I've created this email course for beginners that walks you through the photography basics and gives you the foundation for taking better photos. Each week you'll receive direction on what to learn next, from personally curated articles and with a direction that allows you to learn step by step.

how to find good light for portraits at midday

Advanced Shooters: Portrait photography e-Course

I understand that we often need to progress past what we're comfortable with, or dive into that aspect of people photography allowing for better portrait shots of friends, family, or while out practicing your street photography. Also great techniques to know for when you're travelling and want to get those great sunset portraits, or know how to process your photos with the human face in mind.

Your writing style is like comfort food;

Last night while researching God knows what on the internet (most likely something off-camera-flash related) I stumbled upon your website and fell in love.

I enjoyed reading several of your tips and in general perusing the site. Your writing style is like comfort food; easy to ingest and digest and great fodder for someone like me who has an almost obsessive and insatiable appetite to learn and grow my photography business.

Suzanna M.

I am a beginner to photography, and the challenges are very helpful

I was thrilled to download your e-book and to be so encouraged with the challenges you put before us in the book. I am impressed with how much information you give away and inspired by that.

I am a beginner to photography, and the challenges are very helpful. I am not naturally creative in this area and so your info has been helping me “look and see”.


I am a solid fan!

As a teacher and college professor for over 40 years. You have continually provided instruction that people of all ability levels can plug into and not be over or under whelmed.

Thanks for the reply. You are one of the few that take time to do that.

Tim Krenzke

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Darlene Hildebrandt

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  • That I am here to help answer any questions you have about the content in the ebook, in the course or on the web site so that you can take better photos!

About Me

I am a professional photographer with over 24 years experience who's passionate about teaching and mentoring new photographers. Some of the things I love include:

  • Travel to exotic places with one of my goals to step foot on all 7 continents (1 remaining)
  • To help other less fortunate through charities and using my photography whenever possible
  • Salsa dancing and latin music, and South America in general
  • Good food and good friends
  • But first and foremost I live, sleep, eat and breathe photography and love sharing my passion with others!