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Top Photography Articles of 2013

Top Photography Articles of 2013 Part 1

Well this week the calendar tips over to 2014. I wanted to give you a little summary of some of the most popular articles on the website in the last year. Some are a bit older but if you’re new you may have missed them, so worth checking out!

Over the next couple weeks I’ll share 10 past articles with you. Tell me which ones you liked the best!

ISO 100, f/8, 8 seconds

For some help shooting fireworks go to: 15 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography

Without any further ado I’ll leave you with some year end reading and wish you well.

10 Popular articles from 2012 and 2013

  1. Why shoot in RAW format…
  2. How to use Depth of Field
  3. Off Camera Flash Techniques For Dramatic Portrait Lighting
  4. How to Choose the Right Lens
  5. 5 Beach Photography Tips for a Glamour Shoot
  6. 10 tips on how to do HDR photos without a tripod
  7. Three Special Effects for Night Photography
  8. Using Shutter Speed to Freeze or Blur Motion
  9. Balancing flash and natural light
  10. Love the bleep out of what you do!



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  • Stephen

    Thanks Darlene! I really like your work…

  • Ruby

    As they say in the Theater, Darlene, Break a leg at the conference! Sounds like a great topic.

  • Sherry Neswick

    you have by far the most well designed and interesting website I visit on a regular basses. I actually made a folder to keep them so that I can reference back to your varied topics.

    Happy New Year,

  • William

    Thanks Darlene!
    I am wondering if your photowalk will be in Vegas, and is it open?

    • Darlene

      Yes the walk is in Vegas and “technically” it is only for NMX attendees. But if you happened to be out front of Ballys at about 3:30pm Friday you might find us! ;-)

      • William

        Thanks Darlene, Happy New Year, and Good Luck.

      • William

        I was really hoping I could make it but, we are down to one car and my wife is taking the grandkids to the movies. Can’t get a ride and I will have to watch the youngest at home anyway.
        Thank you. Maybe next time.

  • Judy

    And best wishes to you for a superb 2014!

  • Miguel

    Feliz Año Nuevo y gracias por sus interesantes consejos.

  • Darlene

    Thanks for reading and for the happy new year wishes!

  • Joyce

    Trying to sign up for your 4 week photography course. When I click on the link you mention with the 2014crash $13 discount – the link has an error.

    When I go to the online photography courses link, and try to pay, adding the promo code of 2014crash, it says “promo code not valid”.

    Have you sold out? Would love to be able to take your 4-week course. Thanks so much for any assistance.

    • Darlene

      Hi Joyce – I’ve fixed the link, sorry about that. The code should work I just tested it. There was another issue which I’ve fixed so maybe it will work now. Please try it and email me if you can’t get it to work.

  • Akila

    Hi Darlene,

    Thanks for your article . yesyerday i tried getting the fireworks shot with Manual exposure . But i did a big mistake and to test kept my remote pressed little longer so it went into long exposure of 30mins at bulb and F25. Missed all the firework shots not only that someone moved my tripod .So i was left with no images and was left helpless .
    So next time i hope to follow your advise and have some success with the shots.

    • Darlene

      Oh no sorry to hear that. Yes next time try setting on manual but aim for 5-10 seconds and let the camera count it, not on Bulb.

  • Geoff

    Happy New Year to you and your family Darlene and thanks heaps for your fantastic website!

  • J. Phillip Cochran

    I have been looking in on your website for a couple of years now along with another site. I just read today as I was cleaning up some of my emails and catching up on some I missed that you have become the managing editor of the other site that I frequent, DPS. I was wondering if Herview will continue or most of your energies will be thrown into DPS. Either way, congratulations and best wishes for the new year. It sounds like an exciting time for you.


    Phill Cochran, Texas, USA

    PS: Just an observation mostly about me. I have an Olympus E620 that I really enjoy but I find that having it with me all the time would be like toting a diaper bag around with the camera being my baby. That does not happen all that often. I do however always have my phone which has a half decent camera (8.2 Megapixel) and find myself using it all the time for those “Boy, I wish I had my camera to take that picture!” moments. I know that that is far from anything professional but it is reality. I have a feeling that I am not alone so, any comments or tips for the truly amature among us?

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